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Anti-aging Purple Rice for Cats — 4 Comments

  1. hello Ruth,
    I am convinced natural foods can often cure or help us and also our animals,always being careful because some things are good for humans but venomous to cats and/or dogs and other animals…not so rice ofcourse.
    I am really writing you because I have had many and still have cats and when they are older they tend to get renal faillure and getting thinner is one of the signes.I hope your sister has taken her cat to the vet because a diet and some farmaceuticals can give the cat a longer life and help its kidneys so the animal will feel better.
    You probably know all this but I had to tell you just in case because I didn’t know with my first cat…I wish I could warn all catowners to let a vet check their older cats regularly…the cost is worth your animal having a better old day.And cats do not show illness or unhappiness untill too late…
    I don’t mean to upset you,many greetings,

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