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Anti-declaw Activists Mess up “America’s Favorite Vet” Contest — 2 Comments

  1. Declawing of cats is torture, pure and simple. Regarding the statement of AVMF Chairman Dr. John Brooks, who condemned the so-called “harassment” by saying: “Apparently many of the so-called animal activists have no problem practising cruelty to human beings,” I think “cruelty to human beings” – or at least to the veterinarians involved in this competition – might perhaps be cutting their fingers off at the first knuckle. That’s what declawing has been described as. Arseholes!@!! Am I allowed to write that???

    • You are allowed to write that 😉 I have written similar things. I totally agree. If anti-declaw activists were as cruel as vets they’d chop off the last section of Dr Brooks’ figures. They are not cruel but kind gentle people who have the common sense and decency to see the cruelty and immorality in declawing for non-therapeutic reasons.

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