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Anti-Declawers Should Not Criticise All Americans — 10 Comments

  1. I’ve never criticised all Americans, in fact I’ve ‘met’ and become friends with quite a few.
    But I have and will continue to criticise declawing vets because they deserve it. Also the people who have been told what declawing entails, yet still think their furniture is more important than their cat’s quality of life. Also the people who still deny declawing is cruel even when they know it’s ten amputations, not ‘just’ declawing.
    As for the people who have had cats declawed, I just can’t get myself into their mind set, I feel they should take a percentage of the guilt.
    I wonder how many, once the facts are public about so many declawed cats with bone fragments causing them pain, will have their cat’s paws x-rayed and if necessary have those bone fragments removed to make their cat more comfortable?
    They could afford to have their cat declawed so they should afford to have their poor mutilated paws eased if it’s at all possible.
    I’m sorry but I can’t understand why such obviously cruel surgery makes people here shudder with horror and sympathy for the cats, yet is acceptable to the Americans who pay to have it done to their cats.

    • I’ve never criticised all Americans,

      We know. You do a perfect job. I am simply stating the obvious but I feel it needs to be stated because some Americans perceive themselves (meaning all) as being criticised. I want to make a statement that it is not a simple as being an “American thing”.

      • I’m sorry Michael but while we don’t criticise all Americans for de-clawing is is becoming more and more of an ‘American thing’ It is very widely known that it happens a lot in America and perhaps that’s why ….. sadly its very often human nature to generalise

    • Ruth, this article is not directed at you or anybody else in particular. I did it to reassure those Americans who feel that sometimes there is indiscriminate criticism about declawing. I think they are incorrect in that perception but nonetheless I wanted to make it clear that we recognise that there are very many Americans who think just like Europeans on the issue of declawing.

  2. As we always say, educating is the key to stopping this atrocity.
    And, I think the American people will fall in line with the saying, “When you know better, you do better”. But, the majority of vets won’t because they already know better.

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