Anti-declawing documentary is available for free to the public until September 22 – see it here

This documentary is about one veterinarian (Jennifer Conrad) and her crusade to repair captive Hollywood big cats’ paws from the devastating results of de-clawing, plus her campaign against the financially-driven standard practice of de-clawing domestic house cats in California.

Please put your feet up, grab a glass of wine and watch it all. And then make anyone you know who wants to declaw their cat watch it by sending them a link to this page:


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7 thoughts on “Anti-declawing documentary is available for free to the public until September 22 – see it here”

  1. I can’t seem to be able to watch this…it keeps crapping out on me [“Network Error”] after a couple of minutes…have to Reload…then the same thing happens over & over…:-(

    1. Hi Stew, the video plays for me. It may be that you need to update your Adobe Flash Player software or something like that. Adobe software plays the video as I understand it. Sorry you can’t play it satisfactory.

    1. I dont need to watch it since I know exactly wot happens,when I was a vet tech I had to partake in the declawing of cats and hated it then which is one of the reasons I retired but I would like to download it for my so called friends who think declawing is okay.

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