Anti-declawing Protests At Veterinary Association Conferences

There needs to be more anti-declawing protests at veterinary conferences. I know that it is not very pretty. And I know a lot of people who hate declawing don’t want to protest on the ground, with banners and noise and some hostility. My guess is that some people are frightened of the potential consequences.

Anti-declawing Protests At Veterinary Association Conferences

Video screenshot

The video below shows some brave souls who have girded their loins and taken to the street to kick up some dust and make a nuisance of themselves for cats. For the welfare of cats. For the health and well-being of cats. And against veterinarians who are greedy enough to ignore their oath and their ethics to mutilate young cats for non-therapeutic reasons.

Anti-declawing protests at veterinary association conferences are a great way of getting the message across to the public and veterinarians. The press come to these protest marches. It gets on the news. It all adds to the battle against declawing. I must say I am not surprised but saddened that there were not more protestors. I know it can be hard to get people to actually do it, on the ground.

The reason might be that cat lovers who are switched on about declawing are often kind-hearted women. They are gentle, intelligent women. You need a degree of testosterone to be protesting aggressively but legally and respectfully at a hotel in front of the public. You need it to confront vets too. The guy in the video sounds very forceful. It is quite hard to listen too but I admire this man. He is doing something that I should be doing. I am not criticizing women (the opposite; I admire them). It is just that it can be a bit scary to protest. To stick your neck out and take some consequences, maybe.

Anti-declawing Protests At Veterinary Association Conferences

Video screenshot

Organize and Protest – Anti-declawing Protests At Veterinary Association Conferences Are Useful

If someone could organize a series of anti-declawing protests at veterinary association conferences at some major metropolitan centers I’d be there. I’d make arrangements and film the whole thing. I’d put it on the site and anywhere else that made an impact. All the effort would be for the welfare of cats. What better motivation?

On the ground protests are stronger than online statements. Words are nice and useful but sometimes you have to get uncomfortable and disturb the cosy status quo of the veterinary world. My experience tells me that sometimes to achieve a goal you have to disturb what is in place, make some noise, upset people, create fuss and bother, be a nuisance. The declawing world is gradually breaking up. There is change but it is still too settled. Let’s protest and march.

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