by Gail
(Boston, USA)

Senator Scott Brown - photo Luke X. Martin (Flickr)

Until September 7th I will give 10 cents to an animal charity for every comment written by visitors. It is a way visitors can contribute to animal welfare without much effort and no financial cost. Please comment. It helps this website too which at heart is about cat welfare.

Senator Scott Brown - photo Luke X. Martin (Flickr)

I received a voice mail from Carolyn at Senator Scott Brown's office today. I believe the call came in yesterday; unfortunately, I was out sick as I really would've liked to speak with her.

She confirmed that Senator Scott Brown got my correspondence requesting Anti-Declawing Legislation and the reasons why it should be addressed. She seemed interested and said that as the 112th Congress is about to go into session, Senator Brown would consider the motion.

For those of you unfamiliar with Senator Brown, he was elected to the senate seat vacated by the late Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts. It is a very powerful seat with a lot of clout and I feel that we need to strike NOW while the fires are hot!!! Although Senator Brown is Republican, he has voted across party lines many times, much to the chagrin of those who would like the status quo to remain. Basically, Senator Brown is the "swing" vote.

Please! If everyone reading this post, including those outside the USA from 'civilized' countries were to either call or send an email to Senator Brown's office a/s/a/p to demand Anti-Declawing Legislation be introduced and the reasons why (including web links, especially links with the graphic videos), I believe we may get some action.

Senator Scott Brown
Tel: 202-224-4543

Washington office:
317 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
Phone: (202) 224-4543
Fax: (202) 228-2646

Massachusetts office:
2400 JFK Federal Building
15 New Sudbury Street
Boston, MA 02203
Phone: (617) 565-3170
Fax: (617) 723-7325

Massachusetts passed the anti-devocalization law not that long ago. If we can get Senator Brown to help pass declaw legislation, it would affect the entire country, not just Massachusetts. Wouldn't that be awesome?



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Apr 23, 2012 No vet should declaw NEW
by: Ruth

Krista you are the sort of vet the USA needs.
To put it simply if declawing was not available at any clinic at all then the wrong people would never get a cat in their power.
Those who would have a cat killed or relinquish him to a Rescue Centre if he couldn't be adapted by declawing are not fit cat caretakers in the first place. Having done much research in the last few years we found that those are the people who relinquish their declawed cat at the first sign of physical or mental problems from the declawing.
No vet should agree to mutilate a cat's paws for convenience, under any circumstances.
We have seen quite a lot of vets advertising neuter/declaw packages or discount coupons for declawing and they still do. You can't tell us that they aren't after making dollars by pushing this supposedly last resort surgery!
Good luck with your career, I wish all future vets were like you are, having no intention of breaking your sworn oath to cause no animal to suffer.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Apr 23, 2012 Rosy view NEW
by: Barbara

Well Krista I wish your idealistic view of the veterinary profession was true of every vet, maybe the ones you have come into contact with are more ethical but there is no doubt about the fact that some vets in the US DO promote declawing in a package with neutering for kittens to "save having two anaesthetics" or have their receptionists offer declawing casually as a side order to neutering and some DO give discount vouchers off declawing and some DON'T even explain what declawing actually is, leaving the impression that the cat is signed up for a kitty manicure instead of 10 amputations. But all, or even the majority, of the blame shouldn't lie with the vet but with the cat owner who is ignorant enough to deliver their cat to a butcher without even researching declawing, or selfish enough to put soft furnishings before a living creature, and you know what - those significant others should pretty soon become INsignificant if they rule by force!
You're obviously a well experienced vet tech and you're going to be a much more compassionate vet, I wish you the best of luck, the US needs people like you to stop the abuse of cats that is called declawing.

Barbara avatar

Apr 22, 2012 Clarification NEW
by: Krista

I don't think it's fair to assume that veterinarians are 'promoting' declaw procedures so that they can make money. I have been a vet tech for 10 years and am currently in vet school. I am not a fan of declawing and plan to be one of the vets that chooses not to perform this procedure. But I have worked for wonderful veterinarians, and I can tell you that not one of them has suggested or promoted this procedure, ever. We always speak to the owners about other options, training, etc. The fact is that a lot of owners are not willing, and sadly some get a cat and then come to us saying that their significant other will force them to get rid of it unless it is declawed. I think poor communication and lack of understanding of how cats can be trained contribute to a lot of this. And the vets feel that if it comes down to a cat living on the street or being euthanized versus being declawed, they would rather the cat have a home. They always perform the procedure with excellent pain management and I'm amazed at how they recover, waking up as if they didn't have surgery at all!
This is not to condone anything. None of us want this to be what is happening. But it's one of those scenarios where we are trying to do the best we can where we realize we don't live in a perfect world. So please don't attack the vets who really are working hard to take care of their patients in the best way possible. We aren't in this business in the money, trust me. This field isn't that lucrative! And hopefully we can push this legislature through and make it a non-issue!

May 21, 2011 ...
by: Poochu

Killing a cat is considered a sin in India by the majority "Hindu" population, and also by the minority "Muslim" population.

Declawing is unheard of by most.

When most Hindu Gods and their consorts are seen sittin on tigers, lions and other animals, the paintings on the walls of certain Sufi "Dargah" are of tigers with their sharp claws exposed.

The topic of declawing is laughed upon by most, as they cannot comprehend, why would anyone want to mess with a domestic cat's claw, as there are other important things to do.

Jan 08, 2011 Bans Would Benefit People As Well As Cats
by: Kathleen

I actually think Linda has made a valid point when she says that efforts to create humane legislation protecting cats from this socially acceptable form of animal abuse we call "declawing" must begin at the local and state levels first. We have already seen the begininings happening in California, and I think Massachussetts is an excellent place to try to build support for such legislation next. While I hope and pray that one day this disgusting procedure is banned all across the U.S., Linda also has a point when she says that many Americans and American politicians will be likely to view this as a low priority, given the multitude of other societal problems the U.S. is facing. This is why I want to try to get the American public to understand that we are advocating bans on declawing NOT ONLY to protect cats from a mutilating procedure that can result in a lifetime of chronic pain and decreased quality of life, but ALSO to protect the pet owners who have placed their trust in their vets only to later find out that trust was abused for the sake of money. The very first anti-declaw legislation in the U.S. was introduced NOT because some activist wanted to make a name for him/herself or because some bureaucrat wanted to impose restrictions on people's freedom, but because a cat lover learned that his vet had hidden the facts about declawing from him in order to get his money, and he didn't want to see the same thing happen to others. This is about animal welfare, yes, but it is ALSO about industry regulation to protect the consumer- and that's something a much bigger portion of the American public may be willing to think about.

Jan 07, 2011 Anti-declawing legislation is needed urgently
by: Michele S.

Thank you Gail for letting us know abut this. It's not just cats who're declawed. Rabbits and ferrets are also subjected to this cruel and totally unnecessary amputation. I'll definitely be writing to Senator Scott Brown urging him to support anti-declaw legislation.

Having a pet is a choice. Anyone who doesn't have the patience to teach a cat claw manners should choose a different animal. Basic understanding of cat behaviour and the reasons why they need to scratch, makes training them easy. How anyone could value an inanimate piece of furniture over the welfare of a living breathing creature, is beyond my understanding. My cats have never caused damage around my home but even if they did, furnishings are replaceable. My cats are not.

The argument that declawing "saves" lives is simply not true. One only needs to take a look on Petfinder to see the thousands of declawed cats available for adoption. What happened to the "forever" homes they paid for with their toes?

Why are people paying vets to have their kittens and cats declawed, when they could easily find an already declawed one? Is it because the already declawed ones come with behavioural or physical problems? Or is it because declawing is so financially lucrative for vets that they keep on promoting this purely elective surgery?

It's our duty as pet owners to protect them from harm and suffering. They bring a lot of joy into our lives and deserve legislation to ensure they receive that level of protection.

Jan 07, 2011 No ones choice; cats come with claws!!
by: Leah (England)

Cats come with claws is that so difficult to understand? Sorry I just don't get it.

I was sent a link the other day to comment as some idiot had said it was ok to declaw which meant loads of idiots had commented stating they had got or were going to get their kitten or cat declawed because the author had said it was ok! The comments were nothing short of unbelievable. They were all just so delighted that some moron had said it was ok to declaw, one woman even bragging that she had had all four paws done which made me so angry I cried and then felt sick how STUPID are these people? Its as if they want to torture as much as they can and then just go on to ruin their cats lives completely! What are they thinking? That poor cat can't even scratch an itch now! What sort of 'vet' would do that?

I commented but my comment was removed as were other people who objected; seems some just can't stand the truth.

I have a Maine Coon by the way and he is just so intelligent I just can't imagine why anyone would want to do this to any cat or kitten let alone one so vocal and bright; its wrong and barbaric!!

I know nothing about American politics and quite frankly I want to know as little as possible about a country that still thinks this should be a choice of the people; its no ones choice! Cats come with claws, this is how God made them!

Jan 07, 2011 Declawing
by: Maggie

I'm not sure who the idiot is here that's for declawing, but don't waste your time on it. Instead get more people to contact Senator Brown.

Jan 07, 2011 Im with you Gail
by: Edward

Man I cant believe someone argues that its their right to have cats toe ends chopped off if they want to.
Im sure the cats dont want that to happen.
I like it that this site is for cats and their rights and that they come before any politics or keeping visitors sweet when they are wrong.
Im with you Gail and take no notice of selfish people who think caring about cats is a waste of time.
Theyre the ones in the wrong and missing out on the good feeling of knowing we do our best to help stop suffering.

Jan 07, 2011 Cats come with claws
by: Barbara

I'll certainly be writing to this chap, I can't for the life of me understand anyone arguing against trying to stop the cruelty and inhumanity to cats that declawing is unless they are pro-declaw themselves of course. Very nice to appreciate cats until it comes to a choice between a lifetime of possessions or a whole and healthy cat then watch those toe ends fly off and into the surgical waste bag!
I'm glad TC was rescued, he'd already been savaged by surgery and was due for a bit of kindness, but what a selfish attitude - the only good cat was a declawed cat. And finally, the tired old comments about circumcision are making the rounds again I see, don't you even realise how stupid and irrelevant that argument is Linda?

Jan 07, 2011 To Linda
by: Michael

You cannot justify one wrong to rectify existing wrongs. You cannot compare male human circumcision with declawing a cat. It is wrong to impose the former on a young boy but it is an operation that is no where near as grave and serious as ten amputations of the tips of the toe of a cat.

Your arguments are muddled. You have to go back to basics to decide whether declawing is acceptable. And when you do that it is clearly unacceptable. It is obvious to all decent people.

This site speaks up on behalf of the cat. It would be nothing if it did not. Cats don't want to be declawed. If you want to unsubscribe you must do it. It is your prerogative and you do the work.

Michael Avatar

Jan 07, 2011 To ridiculous anonymous who said
by: Humane person

"We have MUCH, MUCH bigger problems facing this country, both foreign and domestic, and you're wasting taxpayer time and dollars tying this man up with declawing CATS?!?!?! Are you insane??"

How is it a waste of time trying to save cats from abuse?
If this man is caring he will have time for all the issues in this country.
Would you say the same if it was dogs being mutilated?
You obviously dislike cats by your use of "CATS?!?!?!"
Us insane?

Jan 07, 2011 PS
by: Ruth

Linda, unsubscribe if you want to but please make sure TC doesn't ever suffer in the future.
Ensure your mother takes him to a sympathetic no declaw vet as there is medication to ease arthritic pain.

Jan 07, 2011 sad sad sad
by: Sue

It's a sad state of affairs when politics take precedence over animal welfare and when some people argue for the right to mutilate animals if they want to.
Sad too that furniture is more important to some people than a living creature.
I'll be writing too Gail.

Jan 07, 2011 Cats don't have the choice !
by: Ruth

Linda I have made no attempt to discredit your contributions, you have done that yourself.
All I have done is told you the truth about the complications of declawing so your mother can be made aware of them and ensure her cat doesn't suffer in silence.
Being a retired veterinary nurse and lifelong volunteer with animals all I care about is them.
At 11 years old TC is not so very old and I hope and pray for his sake that he never does develop painful arthritis, but the chances are high he will. Why was he up for adoption ? Apparently whoever had him declawed then didn't want him. Yes he has a home, he wasn't killed because of being declawed, but many cats are.
Some cats are very lucky but many are not and that is why declawing must be stopped because each and every cat deserves to live a HEALTHY life with the claws he needs to stay healthy.
You say some people want the choice to declaw their cats but you aren't considering that the cat has no choice ! Cats are not possessions you know. Inanimate furniture is just that !
I don't know or care about politics, all I care about is the welfare of cats and I will go on fighting against their legalised abuse for as long as it takes.
I don't propose the legislation, as I say I don't know about politics, I merely back up those compassionate and caring people who do know how to go about making laws.

Read my name KATTADDORRA.
I adore CATS !

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Jan 07, 2011 To Michael
by: Linda Inveninato

Michael I've made several attempts to unsubscribe to your site...unfortunate as it may be, because I love the other articles.

I deal on a daily basis with the effects of animal overpopulation. I see clawed and declawed cats everyday euthanized. By far, the largest abuse of animals is neglect. Neglect to spay and neuter.

If a individual wants a declawed cat from the shelters, so be it. At least it will have a chance.

Just as declawing is a mutilation, so is baby boy circumcision. Yet that is also done everyday.

Your forum, in this case, does not want to recognize the points I have presented.

Please unsubscribe me.

Jan 07, 2011 read all posts before commenting
by: Anonymous

A large amount of information has been posted into the following discussion. Great passion to prevent declawing is displayed in great length. Please be kind in your comments as we are ALL feline lovers here.

Jan 07, 2011 PETA
by: Linda Inveninato

I just don't identify with your group here. You seem more interested in political activism than real action. I am interested in real action and I am relaying to you how to do it.

First I must correct you. My mother saved the life of a previously declawed cat who is every bit as healthy and happy and physically able as any clawed cat. She was 68 year old when she took this rescue into her home. She had a lifetime of possessions which ALSO meant a great deal to her.

The Federal Government has no authority under the Constitution to outlaw declawing. Felines, no matter how much we love them are not "We the People." The 20 enumerated powers do not include animal protectionism. The Federal Government was established to list specific Federal Duties and to protect US citizens natural rights against government intrusion. The Federal Government has no authority in the area of animal pet protection.

But, animal protection IS ALREADY LEGISLATED as a State issue! Hurray! This is where you start if you can prove that more declawed cats are euthanized by percentage than clawed cats.

I'm no fan of PETA, a $6+ million Washington lobby which has its own internal problems. See the following link:

Vets and individuals at the LOCAL and STATE levels are far better at saving animals and protecting their rights than DC's politicians. I know, I rescue and work with other rescues. The single most important issue is spaying and neutering.

As I have already said several times, I am not in favor of declawing. What I have said is that you will not save the lives of felines by wasting your time proposing this legislation to the Federal Government.

Jan 07, 2011 There is nothing BEAUTIFUL about Declawing Cats: To Linda
by: Jo Singer


While I understand the pain and sorrow of losing a beloved son/brother, and how deeply we prioritize "beautiful" things in one's home over the welfare of a BEAUTIFUL cat...a creatue that we are blessed and honored to have share our heart and home is not an act of love. It is an act of violence against an innocent being, who was born with claws because they are necessary for their well-being.

And while you may be fortunate enough to have a declawed cat that appears to be healthy and happy, there are many people whose cats were not so lucky.

The excruiating pain that cats experience after surgery is something that any true cat lover would never submit their cat to, in the first place. Cats need their claws to ambulate correctly and to be able to fully stretch out their bodies.

This is an amputation! Consider what it would be like for you to have the last digit on your fingers amputated. Wouldn't that affect the manner in which you could use your hands? Think about that!

Declawed cats often resort to biting! A huge percentage of cats stop using their litter boxes since their paws continue to throb horrribly. So would your mother keep a cat that was ruining her carpets and furniture with inappropriate elimination that chosing to have this inhumane surgery performed? I think not.

According to statistics, the biggest reason for cats being surrendered to shelters is inappropriat elimination, and are considered unadoptable so unless they are in a no-kill shelter, they are euthanized.

Why is it that this surgery has been banned in over 37 countries around the world and several cities in California? Because it is considered cruelty to animals with absolutely no medical justification.

I am a senior citizen with many, many years experience being owned by cats with claws. With the appropriate scratching posts and cat trees, they far prefered those items to our furniture, and know that cats have claws, I made a decision that my property was not as important as the lives of my cats.

I adopted a declawed cat years ago, who chewed all my lampshades, window shades, and anything she could sink her teeth into. So.. as far as preventing destruction of property.. the former owner who had this horrific procedure done decided that she could no longer keep this cat. We were lucky enough to get her loved her deeply. She was far more important to us than our damned shades.

It makes me sick to my stomach when I hear these excuses for declawing cats. Why get one in the first place if one is going to brutalize a magnificent animal for whom God considered claws were essential?

Jan 07, 2011 You're not listening
by: Linda Inveninato


I apologize for not explaining myself well enough in the legislative area.

If this issue is to be proven a genuine cruelty causing the increased necessity of euthanizing, then it must be proven to the STATE legislature.

That process begins on the local level.

The Federal Government does not have the authority to outlaw feline declawing. the Federal Government has been given 20 enumerated powers. None of those enumerated powers protect our beloved felines.

ONLY the State can do that as they have the legislated authority.

You are wasting your time in the money pit of Washington DC as Scott Brown, as well as many other Senators, pay you lip service for your vote.

I am not in favor of cat declawing. I find it cruel, much as I find circumcision at birth of baby boys cruel. The Federal government has no authority there, either.

Jan 07, 2011 This Barbarity!
by: Roxanne Sutton

De-clawing is Barbaric!!

What right has anyone to take a cats natural defence away.
vets that still practice this barbarity are not in the right profession they should be slaughter men!

Jan 07, 2011 Linda I, please read these stats so you understand the whole issue, this isn't about your Mom!
by: Susan

"...declawed cats are more likely to be relinquished than normal cats...Unwanted behavior is a major factor in reliquishment of cats to shelters. House-soiling, aggression, and biting are the top 3 reasons why cats are surrendered; as noted, these are the very same problems that 1 in 3 declawed cats will develop after surgery." Dr. Jean Hofve, DVM

Published 2/1/03 on, "80% of the that are surrendered that are declawed are euthanized because they have a behavioral problem…. Declawed cats frequently become biters and also stop using litter boxes… One or the other…,” said William Lombardi shelter director, Gloucester County, New Jersey.

Seventy percent (70%) of cats turned in to pounds and shelters for behavioral problems are declawed. (National Survey from pounds & shelters obtained by Caddo Parrish Forgotten Felines & Friends)

From the Summer 2002 issue of PETA’s Animal Times: “A survey by a Delaware animal shelter showed that more than 75% of the cats turned in for avoiding their litter boxes had been declawed.”

”In my own three-year experience, 95% of calls about declawed cats related to litter box problems, while only 46% of clawed cats had such problems...Two-thirds of my calls are about litter box problems. In 90% of those cases, the cat is declawed, sick or old. In 7 years, only 3 people have called about a “scratching-the-sofa problem” - yet countless of “healthy” declawed cats have peed on sofas." Annie Bruce, cat consultant & author Cat Be Good,

"...Considering all factors in aggregate, statistically, a declawed cat is more likely to be killed in the pound, because it was declawed." Dr. Jennifer Conrad, DVM, The Paw Project,

“Dr. Harrison gets 3-12 calls a day about litter box problems in cats and, after ruling out medical problems, 90% of the cats with litter box aversion are declawed cats. “Declawing: Behavior Modification or Destructive Surgery”, Animal Issues, 1998

“…our cat care coordinator, was becoming increasingly disturbed at the euthanasia rate for declawed cats and decided to conduct an informal study. She discovered that more than 80% of declawed cats that were either returned or owner surrendered that year were done so because of litterbox problems or biting.”

"Among 218 cats relinquished to a shelter, more (52.4%) declawed cats than non-declawed cats (29.1%) were reported by owners to have inappropriate elimination problems." Source: World Small Animal Veterinary Association – 2001

Jan 07, 2011 Choice - response to Linda Inveninato's comment
by: Michael

You forget that people have no right to mutilate companion animals for their pleasure. It is immoral, cruel and obviously wrong.

You say that it should be a person's choice to declaw or not, citing the constitution.

People have a choice to commit crime or not - to choose whether to abuse animals or not but history tells us that people make the wrong choices and legislation has to be created and used to modify behavior that is considered unacceptable. Humankind is not yet able to make good decisions, sadly.

In the UK the law does just that. It prevents declawing as it is not in the interests of the cat. It is a crime to declaw a cat in the UK for the convenience of the cat's owner because that is the right thing to do. It is moral to make declawing a crime if it is not for the benefit of the cat.

You totally miss that point and demonstrate once again how indoctrinated and blinkered many cat owners are in the US. Open your eyes and heart and do what is right, please.

And please don't use the old cliché of saving a cat's life by declawing it. This is one wrong superimposed on another. The cat should not have been abandoned in the first place or the owner should accept the cat's claws in the first place. Two wrongs don't make a right.

Michael Avatar

Jan 07, 2011 Very sad
by: Kat

that people think it is a waste of money and time to fight for the WELFARE of animals. Cutting off toes is NOT humane any way you look at it. And if you believe it will save them from entering a shelter then you need to call each and every shelter in the US and you will find at the LEAST one declawed cat waiting to be killed.
Thank you all for working so hard to make this possible and I will write as well because there are so many that care more about their furniture than the welfare of the cat. They should be ashamed instead of fighting for what is wrong!
Get a dog if you can't handle claws!!! Besides I have always had cats and if they are trained right then you won't have problems. If you don't have the time then at least do the humane thing and put caps on them.

Jan 07, 2011 Some people want this choice
by: Linda Inveninato

Ms Ruth,

Your attempts to discredit my contributions to this discussion are not credible. TC is already 11 years old. He jumps and plays as well as any other cat. He is pampered and happy. His life was saved because he is declawed. Some people want this choice.

You are attempting to use the federal government to further restrict the choices of citizens. This legislation you propose is clearly unconstitutional.

This is a State issue, as the protection of animals has been established there. This is why I repeat, work on your local level to inform on this very important subject.

Jan 07, 2011 To Linda
by: Ruth

Linda I hope your mother's companion remains happy and healthy but the chances are that he will develop painful arthritis as he ages. This is because since being declawed he has been unable to walk as a cat should walk and also because he has been unable to dig in his claws to stretch his leg,shoulder, back and stomach muscles to keep them healthy. Scratching is not bad behaviour, it is neccessary behaviour for a cat.
As the cat was already declawed I hope you were warned that this is a possibilty and that for his entire lifetime he is in danger of a crooked claw regrowth if a single claw cell was left behind after the amputation of the bone they grow in, or that a sliver of bone could move and cause him pain. Cats hide their pain so your mother needs to be vigilant in checking her cat's stumps and joints to ensure he isn't suffering in silence.
She could have had beautiful furniture and a healthy clawed cat companion instead of a disabled cat if only she'd known to provide a scratching post or pad instead.
This is why declawing needs to be banned, many vets don't educate their clients as to the horrible truth of the cruelty of declawing.
BTW I live in the UK where even before declawing was banned our vets would never do it. We look upon this happening in your country with shock and horror. Because we care about ALL cats, not just our own, we have joined those compassionate and wise people over there to help educate and ultimately get this abuse of cats banned in the whole of the USA and Canada.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Jan 07, 2011 Ridiculous
by: Anonymous

We have MUCH, MUCH bigger problems facing this country, both foreign and domestic, and you're wasting taxpayer time and dollars tying this man up with declawing CATS?!?!?! Are you insane??

Jan 07, 2011 Not anti claw...
by: Linda Inveninato

Ms Ruth,

I am not pro-declaw. I currently have 3 fully clawed cats which I rescued from the street in from of my home. I am an older woman who has also befriended many other fully clawed cats, who have often damaged my furniture. I love them anyway and purchase used furniture.

But, I want to give you a example of why this proposed legislation is poorly thought out.

Eight years ago, my own mother, after suffering the recent loss of her son, my brother, was left alone in her home. She needed a friend who would give her unconditional love as she was bitter.

My Mother had many beautiful things in her home. She often commented that she would have a cat if only it wouldn't have claws which might destroy her fine things. TC, the declawed Maine Coon who I adopted for her, IS THAT FRIEND SHE NEEDED. He is beloved by her, is healthy and happy in everyway.

Please, do not believe for an instant that you would save the lives of sheltered cats by passing legislation ending the practice iof declawing.

Work instead on your local levels to raise awareness.

Jan 07, 2011 GREAT JOB Gail!!!!!
by: Susan

Way to go Gail for taking the steps to get this legislation introduced, the cats so desperately need it! This will reduce the relinquishment rates as well, so this is a win-win situation! Education works, but since vets cannot regulate themselves, laws HAVE to! BRAVO Gail!

If anyone needs more information on why de-clawing should be banned, and why less cats will be relinquished and killed with a ban in place, please read "Declaw and Science" by Dr. Jean Hofve
(ATTENTION Linda I, PLEASE read so you can get better educated about this issue and you can retract your incorrect letter to the Senator).

De-clawing has been illegal in 8 California cities now for well over a year and I have not seen any reports that more cats are being killed bcuz of it. There simply is many more healthy & happy cats in California and more guardians treating their cats humanely!

Jan 07, 2011 I'll write too
by: CJ

Gail we can write to Mr Scott Brown and anonymous we can be pro active too.
We can also ignore people who are pro deliberate animal abuse.
Decency and compassion will prevail in the end.

Jan 07, 2011 I'll be writing
by: Rose

Well I'll certainly be writing to Mr Scott Brown and I will ensure that every person I know does too.
Linda Inveninato you are in the minority of people who don't think it's important to stop this abuse of kittens and cats.
Millions of people know the truth about declawing now and will fight tooth and nail to ensure that it is stopped by whichever means it takes.
As Ruth says,there is room for more than one legislation.
I can only assume from your letter that you are one of those people who think cats are second class citizens to dogs which can do as much if not more damage as cats.
The damage by cats is preventable by simple training the cat where to scratch appropriately.
Shame on you!

Jan 07, 2011 To Linda Inveninato
by: Ruth

Linda Inveninato you have it all wrong.
You being pro declaw are the one dooming hundreds of thousands of cats to being euthanized, because as well as being a painful, cruel and uneccessarily disabling operation, declawing a cat causes him many mental and physical problems. When those problems begin the cat is abandoned or relinquished to a Rescue Shelter where some are killed on admission to kill shelters and some are caged for life on admission to no kill shelters.
Not many declawed cats make it to the adoption lists and those lucky enbough to be adopted out again are many times returned.
Have you done any research? If so you must know that declawing is actually the amputation of the cats last toe joints, you must know many declawed cats develop liter box avoidance,how many start biting, develop stress illnesses, become depressed or aggressive.
Cats are not destructive because they are badly behaved, scratching is natural and neccessary to a cat's health. It's simple to teach a cat to use a scratching post. Anyone who will only have a declawed cat is I'm afraid not a fit person to have a cat and is very likely to relinquish that cat for the slightest excuse.
I hope Mr Scott Brown has a lot more humanity and compassion than you do because believe you me he will be receiving many messages from people who care about cats and want an end to the premeditated abuse of them by the doctors who declaw, the very people who swore an oath to harm no animal.
This supposed to be last resort for serious scratching behaviour is being advertised with discount by some of those doctors. Why ? It's being done to little kittens with no chance of living a healthy fulfilled life as a cat. Why ?
The only reason there can be is money, dollars from the surgery, dollars from the complications. Or do you have the answer ? If so please share it.
Why are you afraid it will be banned ? It is banned or considered extremely inhumae in 38 other civilised countries and in 8 Californian Cities. Why are you against this cruelty being stopped ?
There is no reason why Mr SCott Brown can't do both, ban declawing AND introduce legislation for a tax write-off for the care and feeding of pets too.
How can you be so blind and cold hearted as to the plight of many cats suffering ?

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Jan 07, 2011 My submission to Scott Brown
by: Linda Inveninato

My submission to Scott Brown,

Mr Brown,

It has come to my attention that you may introduce legislation to end feline declawing.

Not only is this a bad idea at a time when we are trying to REDUCE the federal government, this legislation will doom hundreds of thousands of cats to being euthanized as many people do not want to adopt a cat with claws as cats can be very destructive with them.

Instead, introduce legislation for a tax write-off for the care and feeding of our animal friends. This would save the lives of more of our animal friends.

I will also submit this writing to my own Representative, Jack Kingston, 1st district GA.

Respectfully submitted,
Linda Inveninato

Jan 07, 2011 Government is not the answer. YOU ARE.
by: Anonymous

I'm sorry, but I must interject some logic here. We have country that is broke and going ever more trillion$ into debt. Only for the sake of votes and publicity is Scott Brown's office willing to attempt to add to government regulations and add the cost of enforcement of those regulations at a time when we must reduce federal government intrusion into our lives.

Folks, the federal government is not the answer. YOU ARE.

Speak in front of your local city councils on this very improtant subject of feline mutilation. Work in your own community to inform your neighbors. Print flyers, etc. Be proactive in your own community.

Jan 07, 2011 THANK YOU Gail
by: Ruth

Yes Gail I will email him and pass this on to everyone I know who is anti declaw and put it on the anti declaw facebook groups I'm in too.....
People power can be very persuasive !

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Jan 07, 2011 Will do
by: Michael

Hi Gail. Thanks for this. I'll write to him as requested. Every bit helps.


  1. Information seems to just end as of 2012 What were the results of Mr. Brown’s consideration of the declawing legislation?


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