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Antifreeze cat deaths: Minister rejects idea to stop poisonings — 29 Comments

  1. Well common sense fails to prevail yet again but there again as its already been said we are talking about politicians aren’t we who usually completely miss the point however in this case stupidity prevails completely. I think it was Ruth who said politicians don’t give a shit about animals well this just proves it!

  2. I’m sure it’s very easy for an animal to be accidentally poisoned at this time of year, a lot of older cars have a leak underneath from the radiator, cats like to go under cars, they also like to drink from puddles as do dogs and birds, not all antifreeze poisoning is deliberate, but sadly too much is!

    • Thanks Babz. Of course this poster applies to accidental poisoning. There must be occasions when it does occur accidentally which is one reason why criminals can get away with deliberately poisoning.

  3. They should have pushed home the point that many young children are also poisoned when they mistake antifreeze for a soft drink. Or that it’s a common ingredient in counterfeit alcohol.

    Perhaps if they’d realised that putting a bitterant in antifreeze would save human lives as well as cats, the ruling might have been different.

    For now all we can do, is make sure we buy from Halfords (who do add bitterants) and spread the word to make sure other people do too.

  4. I’m disappointed as well.
    I had a wild dream that a precendent could be set that would be followed by others (us).

    Mr. Eustice threw away a perfect opportunity to enhance his image, making him a really stupid government official in my opinion.

    Ofcourse, people intent upon poisoning will continue on that path. But, in my opinion, antifreeze is the #1 choice because it seems to be more palatable than anything else.

    It makes no sense to me not to make it disagreeable to animals.

    • Nothing this government does makes sense!
      This is the latest
      ‘A leaked plan by the hunting lobby to remove pine martens from ­Scottish ­woodlands has sparked fierce opposition from wildlife groups which suspect landowners of planning a cull to protect their lucrative grouse stocks’
      and who goes grouse shooting? yes the tories, the windsors and the countryside alliance to whom all animal and bird life is there for their pleasure in murdering them.

      • Is the grouse hunted for sport, consumption, or both? I’ve never known anyone who ate a grouse, but I know that they are in large numbers in Minnesota.

        • Mainly sport, they kill so many that a lot are thrown away like rubbish!
          Bred especially, beaten out of their habitat by beaters to fly into the sky and be shot at by cold blooded rich murderers.

        • Dee I believe they kill as many as they can, pose for a photograph with them then the beaters dig a hole and bury the victims while the toffs get in their 4 wheel drives and head to the nearest pub to buy roast chicken & chips and several whiskies apiece. It’s all in the name of sport y’know.

    • Totally agree. It would take very little effort to amend the statute. I have a feeling (cynical feeling) that Eustice has been lobbied by manufacturers. He may even have received money.

      • Officials are so easily bought.
        They are never scrutinized enough.
        I’d like to invent a lie detector test that not only detects a lie but, also, delivers a shock large enough to start causing organ damage when deceitful.

  5. What a blow, how stupid and short-sighted is that? But as has been said not a surprise given that this government hates all animals anyway. 🙁

  6. So help me God, if Woody comes on here and smirks about this I will track him down and tip anti freeze down his throat, that I vow!!!!

  7. This is devastating news! Of course cruel people would find other ways to poison cats but it wouldn’t be as easy for them as buying anti freeze which is freely available.
    Also, surely adding bitterant to save the lives of cats accidentally poisoned is reason enough to do it.
    I’m very disappointed but not surprised, as this government cares nothing about animals or birds, all they want to do is kill them and what message does that send out to animal haters? Yes that it’s OK to kill them, that their lives are not worth worrying over.

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