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Antifreeze killing dogs as well as cats — 5 Comments

  1. This is why everyone today is suggesting putting diluted Permethrin (available at full-strength from any gardening center) in water-guns, or using Lilium or Hemerocallis species of flowering plants in various ways. The information on this is everywhere today. The Permethrin method is totally safe for dogs. The Lilium and Hemerocallis plant method is safe for all other species on earth, including dogs, 100% environmentally safe worldwide. There are native Lilium and Hemerocallis species of plants on every continent so people don’t have to even risk using an invasive plant species for this purpose.

    Everyone has you to thank for posting the information on these safer methods for all other species. Your blogs have been extremely useful to combat this invasive-species cat problem. It has been suggested that these are called the “Michael Broad Methods” to give you the rich credit you deserve.

    The world thanks you.

    • You are full of shit and you know it. I am not going to amend or delete your comment because I want people to see the rubbish that it is. You are an unpleasant individual as I dislike having unpleasant people around me you are banned.

      • So he’s pretty much admitting to killing domestic pets with poison. If you as admin have access to his IP you can turn him in there are several reporting sites on the internet. In order to get a lethal dose you need to saturate the cat otherwise the most common symptoms are foaming at the mouth and convulsions. Further adding to the animal abuse issue.
        As this pesticide is not cheap I assume he’s making sure he gets close enough to make the cat very sick which might mean he is trapping the cats.
        TNR works but lousy humans keep adding to the issue which would be just as bad if we were killing all stray and feral cats. TNR cats are fixed therefore they are NOT part of the problem. They don’t even count in the number of intact house cats, ex-cute-cuddly-kittens that are tossed out to fend and breed.
        I wish all these cat hating idiots would turn their vitriol to those who are causing the continuing issue of feral and stray cat population explosions.
        Managed TNR colonies are self depleting well managed they are not the crazy person who is feeding feral cats by tossing food all over and turning the neighborhood into a breeding colony.

  2. You would normally have to add antifreeze to a food to attract a cat and even then they may refuse it. Dogs will eat anything and have been known to ingest even antifreeze with bittering agent in it. When you put out any kind of bait poison your risk killing a lot more than the intended victim.

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