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Anxious Cats Often Encounter Their 1st Human In Their 9th Week — 3 Comments

  1. Exactly- and it’s me who socializes the lady up the road’s kittens. Not her. If I didn’t they would still be shy ad scared. It takes time and effort and all kittens MUST be played with because their instinct tell them to hunt and play. If you do that with them then you are effectively joining them in their world and in their language of play hunting.

    If you don’t do this – the cat will only come to you for food ad if you are lucky a few cuddles.

    That’s why people get bored of cats.

    It’s actually just that the cats are bored of them – in my opinion anyway. 🙂

    • exactly right and this lady must be so thankful having such a lovely person who can do this for her. As without cats or kitties socialized it makes it hard for others. All cats and kitties deserve love and play jsut like all children deserve to be in a stable enviroment and away from harm 🙂

  2. This is true they need to be socialized as i know for a fact esp some of my kitties when were younger where often very shy and timid and very afraid esp of kids and dogs. Compared to jasmin whos very over confident, thou had a dog visit the other day and she wasnt happy at all. she flufed up and growled. I guess its just like us as children if we are grown up in a bad childhood it often affects our lives, if we were grew up in a happy and loving family its better for us. just my thoughts anyway.

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