Any institution that treats females as breeding machines is anti-feminist

“End the sexual exploitation of female animals…Any institution that treats females as breeding machines is anti-feminist” writes a Peta (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) author on their blog. Peta has complained bitterly on their blog about the misogyny and anti-feminist nature of dog breeding. You could say the same thing about cat breeding.

Any institution that treats females as breeding machines is anti-feminist
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Dog shows are accused by Peta of contributing to misogyny. If they are right the same thing can be said about cat shows. They say that dog breeders still treat female dogs as moneymaking commodities.

“And unlike many animal shelters, most breeders don’t screen their buyers, instead handing over a living, thinking, feeling animal to anyone with a credit card.”

They say that dog breeders force females to bear litter after litter of puppies which are taken away and sold as quickly as possible.

Once again the same thing can be said about cat breeders. The question therefore is are cat shows contributing to misogyny? A lot of people will think it is absurd that you can equate dog and cat breeding to human sexual exploitation.

However, if like Peta you see animals as equals to humans and you see animals as being exploited by humans without adequate protection and adequate rights then it is feasible to argue that cat breeders are anti-feminist despite the fact that most of them are women because they are abusing female cats. Or is it an abuse of a female cat or dog to let her get pregnant over and over again?

In defense, most cat and dog breeders would argue that they treat their cats well and that they have to comply with the relevant animal welfare law where they live. The law regards cat breeding as acceptable. Therefore arguably Peta are being a extreme in their assessment.

For my part, however, I agree with them because they also say, quite correctly, that:

“No breeding and selling of companion animals can be considered ‘responsible’….while there were millions of pets in shelters”.

If you care about animal welfare you’ll see the Peta argument. Cat breeding is inherently objectionable for many reasons, if you care. And I hate to say it because I don’t want to upset breeders. It depends on your attitude towards animals. Do you see them as ‘just cats’ or ‘just dogs’ or as a bona fide family member with equal rights. If it’s the latter you should agree with Peta.

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  1. Inspite of how well the females are treated and loved, it is medically unhealthy to force them to have litter after litter. They need to have time for their bodies to recover before being forced to get pregnant again. Most breeders don’t allow that. Therefore, it IS abuse. And, don’t forget the emotional trauma of having your children stolen from you!



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