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Apartment Complex Where Pets Are Compulsory (USA) — 12 Comments

  1. As a Indian living in Mumbai, thanks to “P.O.C” writers that i am beginning to get a insight into American and European living besides a encyclopedic knowledge on cats.In Mumbai some housing societies avoid renting flats to “Pet Owners”.

  2. thats wonderful, if i lived over in america id glady go. It makes it alot easier when u can have ur beloved pets at a home. I mean having a cat is alot easier than having a dog. she needs special recogination for what shes done.

  3. California is the only state that I know of that has some declawing bans. I’m, also, reading that they are moving ahead in the pack for converting kill shelters to no kill. It seems that they are, most always, the leading state. Not New York which is all glam.
    DW would be a better source to ask about issues because she lives there.

  4. What a woman! She looks great for 84y/o too.
    This is, probably, the only complex like this in America.
    Ofcourse, it is in California. They are moving way ahead when it comes to the issue of cats, since several cities there have banned declawing.

    • Dee, is California different to other states and if so in what way? It is the one state where 8 cities have banned declawing. What does that say about the state? It seems to be more inline with a European culture although far from being European.

  5. My apologies for (a) substituting “where” for “were” in the title – I am word blind due to speed reading for years and (b) inadvertently turning off the comments – no idea what happened. They are back on 😉

  6. I love this story, it puts to shame good and proper those other landlords who force tenants to have their cats declawed.
    Well done Judy Guth 🙂

    • The landlords who forbid cats are pathetic and frankly ignorant. Really they have to be. I am a landlord (I let a flat in central London). I know it is possible to work with tenants with cats. It is just about managing the situation properly as this lady does so effectively. She has a great way of dealing with carpets.

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