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Apologies For Site Being down for 3 Hours Today — 17 Comments

  1. I don’t always have time to come on to POC a lot but oh boy when I couldn’t get on yesterday I missed it so much, glad it was only a short time and happy to be reunited with the POC family 🙂

  2. Thanks Michael, I realised that must have happened because Babz couldn’t get to you either.
    Not your fault at all!
    I felt quite bereft at not being able to read the latest PoC articles and comments lol
    Some people might say ‘Get a life Ruth’ but this honestly is my home from home now 🙂

    • same to ruth poc is my second family. Poc has acutally helped me these last 4 mnths than anytime in my life. Its amazing how one event has transformed my life. To something happier. 🙂

    • Sorry Jo. I misconstrued what you said. Yes people will be put off visiting the site if they can’t get onto it. The last time this happened Hostgator paid me compensation of $231 which I thought was quite nice but the damage done to the site is probably worth more than that. It is very frustrating when one struggles to make the site better and to promote the site ss best as one can, when the hosting company then screws up. They are the weak link in the chain as far as I’m concerned.

  3. Alas, Michael, your website was not the only one affected.

    This shouldn’t be happening. Too much precious and important information being trashed.. UGH.

    • There are millions of sites hosted by Hostgator so many were affected I believe. Although, I don’t think content was lost. It was a question of connection with the internet going wrong.

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