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Apply the meaning of Pope Francis’s speech to the world of cats — 5 Comments

  1. The world can’t change while people look down on animals as lower in status and it will take a miracle for all people to treat them as equal 🙁
    Take for example food animals as they are known but they are not food because if they were then so must we be being made of meat too

  2. Pope Francis is a very wise man and I wish everyone in this world would take notice of his words, but sadly they won’t.
    The human race has got out of hand, evil is thriving, it’s nothing less than evil when children and innocent people and animals are being killed as if each and every life isn’t precious.
    We have no right to use and abuse animals yet many people do, for example they feel that they can’t celebrate an occasion such as Christmas without the mass killing of animals and birds to eat.
    Pope Francis is not vegetarian, that doesn’t surprise me one bit, but I don’t understand how Religious people, especially leaders like he is, can eat God’s creatures knowing how many suffer in their short lives and die horribly.
    Even St Francis of Assisi wasn’t vegetarian.
    So many inconsistencies in the human race! So many hypocrites, sorry but I think we have no hope, I don’t think we ever have a chance of changing because too few of us care.
    We can only do what good we can do but it will never be enough 🙁

  3. I am a believer that Pope Francis, as well as his predecessors, are true in heart and want only good.
    But, until mankind accepts that we do not own this planet, nothing will change. Man is the beast and believes that he must reign supreme over all! Man has deluded himself into thinking that he has “control” over all other beings.
    We have to accept that all living creatures are our equals and stop trying to make them “suitable” for us. They have the right to live, not be mutilated by us, and have a safe, natural habitat.

      • I don’t know if anything will change. But, if I stop hoping, that means I’ve given up. Hopelessness is the worst poverty there is.
        Our planet is diseased. Man has forgotten what is really important – life. Greed and self-indulgence reigns supreme.
        There are many people who say (and, really feel) they care about animals. But, there is an unwillingness to spend the time or expend the energy to act. Until, we who care, get our act together, unify, keep screaming, and not be shut up nothing will change.

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