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April 25 is Hairball Awareness Day: Let’s Unravel the Hairball Mystery — 12 Comments

  1. Thanks for a great article. We see hariball problems sometimes but for the most part we keep ahead of the situation. We have only one longhaired cat but I see hairball problems sometimes with shorthaired cats too. We serve up pumpkin and other remedies and they work well.

  2. well a few of mine have have Smokey, Rebel and Some of the short hairs. i never thought of getting hairball paste. Sounds interesting

  3. Honestly, I don’t have a problem with hairballs. I have had 13 cats during my married life (17 years) and can literally count on one hand the number of hairballs we have had. I brush all our kitties regularly. I truly believe that is the best way to control the hairball issue.

    • Sensible Reno. Charlie, my cat, has a bit if a hairball issue. I think it may have gone away. For quite a long time, he used to groom too much. Now he grooms normally and things have calmed down a bit as he does not vomit up her hairballs and he has hair all over his body whereas before he had one or two bald patches due to over-grooming. As mentioned in another comment he also had a bit of blood in his poop, due to the hair in the hairballs scratching his colon.

  4. If there is ONE hairball in the house without a SINGLE doubt, if I am without shoes on, I will step in it 100% of the time. I think it is a law of the universe. I mean, really, what are the chances? LOL

  5. I give molly hairball paste. She used to always come running for it but she got bored of it now. I read once about a lady who’s cat died from a hairball blocking her throat. It was obviously very sudden and shocking but that really scared me and I am quite paranoid now about hairballs.

    • I think you just dont want to go though with what red went though again which is understandable. Sounds interesting that hairball paste. I guess u can get it at the vets.

  6. Some cats are prone to hairballs, our Jozef is, despite being groomed every day he still manages to gather enough to produce a hairball sometimes on my bedside rug. There’s nothing like standing on one and getting it stuck on the bottom of your foot to start your day lol

  7. Thanks for the excellent educative article on “CAT HAIRBALLS” and initially got to know of “Hairball Awareness Day” from “Conscious Cat” blog.I feed my two traditional Persian cats home made mixture of “Rice+Mince Meat+ Fish” and they relish the food and are healthy.Only defect is with my 7 year old female cat who tends to vomit “Hairballs” at least once quarterly and has the habit of excessive grooming.My 5 year old male cat rarely vomits “hairballs”.

    • Rudolph, do groom your cats with say a Furminator to remove some hair? The American Persian has longer hair. This is because the American cats have been bred to have very long hair, while your Persian cats are more natural with long hair but not excessively long hair. The Americans say that if you have a Persian cat you have to groom him regularly but I don’t think that is necessary for the Persian cat in India.

  8. I didn’t know it was hairball awareness day! In one of the articles that I linked to that I wrote a while ago, I started off by saying that I thought that hairballs were a domestic cat phenomenon meaning that the potential problems that they caused did not occur amongst wild cats. That may be true. You never hear of wild cats suffering from health problems due to hairballs.

    Inactivity or a lack of enough activity may be a factor in hairballs being a potential cat health problem.

    My cat, Charlie, had a hairball problem. I believe that the lower part of his colon just before his rectum was being scratched by the hair in the hairballs. His stools were slightly bloody (on the outside). His colon checked out as OK so we (me and the vet) decided it was hairballs and excessive grooming. It has cleared up. He grooms less.

    The vet gave me the lubricant Bezo Pet Paste to lubricate the intestine. I think we might be able to add intestinal scratching as another health hazard from feline hairballs.

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