Arabian Peninsula ginger tabby Scottish Fold dressed in a thawb

A cute Reddit video but what can I say, I don’t really like seeing cats dressed up in human clothes and used as an accessory to attract people’s attention.

And the owner takes money from someone. Was it because he was entertained by the ginger tabby in a thawb?

A thawb is the gown worn by men on the Arabian Peninsula. I’ve just learnt that. 😎. See below for more on the thawb.

Ginger tabby in a thawb on the Arabian Peninsula
Ginger tabby in a thawb on the Arabian Peninsula. Screenshot from the Reddit video.
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The cat is a ginger tabby and therefore male. And as he has flattened ears, he is either a purebred Scottish Fold (my preferred assessment) or a random bred cat carrying the Scottish Fold genetic mutation. He is almost certainly a Scottish Fold as wealthy Arabs would probably much prefer the real thing as a status symbol.

Yes, the cat is a status symbol for this man and a bit of flash like the flashy car he and his friend are in.

These guys like to drive around in a flash car with a flash cat showing off. That’s what it looks like. No criticism intended. I understand. It is fun but then again, I don’t think PETA would approve and nor do I.

Arabian cat
by u/VanillaAdventurous74 in cats

Here is something similar but even more exotic, a pet cheetah.

Pet cheetah in a car in Dubai on a lead with the owner on his phone.
Pet cheetah in a car in Dubai on a lead with the owner on his phone. Image believed to be in the public domain.

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The Arabs of the Middle East like to have wild cats as pets as status symbols in, as usual, a flashy car. The cat is decoration for the car and a glamorous, unusual accessory for the rich man.

It seems that all Middle Eastern Arabs are rich to very rich to excessively rich to billionaire rich.

It must be hard to find something – a possession – which makes you stand out from the crowd.

I don’t think pet cheetahs and pet caracals are all that rare in the Middle East. Shame because someone somewhere stole a cheetah cub from their mother and socialised them to become a sort of pet. But although cheetahs have a nice character and can be tamed and even domesticated to a large extent they are never going to behave like a solid, reliable and humble moggie rescue cat.

But God forbid that this man would own a moggie rescue cat. Far too boring. Far too mundane. But a much nicer companion.

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The thawb

A thawb, also known as a thobe, dishdasha, or kandura, is a traditional ankle-length garment worn by men in many Arab countries, particularly in the Arabian Peninsula and the Gulf region. It is a loose-fitting robe-like garment that is often made of lightweight, breathable fabric, such as cotton or linen, to suit the hot climate of the region.

The thawb typically has long sleeves and is usually white or off-white in color, although it can be found in other colors as well. It is generally worn with a headdress, such as a ghutra (a square-shaped scarf) or a shemagh, which is traditionally held in place by an agal (a black cord). The style and design of the thawb can vary based on the country and cultural traditions.

The thawb is a common form of attire for men in Arab societies, and it is worn for various occasions, including daily wear, formal events, and religious ceremonies. It is considered a symbol of modesty and cultural identity. In recent years, there have been variations in the design and style of the thawb to incorporate modern fashion trends while still maintaining its traditional essence.

The above comes from Mr Poe and AI chat bot of great intelligence. 😉🙄

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  1. Couple of teens having fun and the kitty really doesn’t seem to mind. I bet it’s his little sisters kitty and this kitty has many different clothes to wear. 🙂
    As a little girl my kitties wore many doll clothes I ashamed to say.


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