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Aransas Pass City Manager getting death threats over new provision to kill strays — 15 Comments

  1. To me 3 Days doesn’t seem enough i think it should be longer like 7. Yes i agree People have become lazy in not getting their Animals fixed. Yes i know its expensive. Will cost 140.00 to get Jasmine Fixed on Monday but its worth it than having unwanted kitties and and clogging up shelters. I think there should be Mandatory on all pets to get them fixed. I mean in some places overseas they have cheap options to get them fixed. I dont know if they have anything here, but 140.00 is a small price to pay and this month get a free bag of young female cat biscuits for free. I feel for rescued animals stuck in shelters and then having to die not even when they haven’t grown like kitties. Get them fixed and save some lives!!!

  2. Unfortunately some people will stay confused to avoid taking action, and this is one of those times. I work a rural shelter where the funding is so low that we buy and get only what we need. We have to make things last, like our washing machine and dryer that the facility had to make last eight years before getting new ones. And our broom that is taped up. But you don’t value a shelter by their physical worth, you value a shelter over their morals and their abilty to help animals.

    Over the years I have learned what it means to make something from nothing, relying on teamwork and the community to achieve our goals, rather than a large reserve of items. I remember turning old disinfectant containers into food buckets, old trash cans into litter containers, and old cat food bags into goodie bags. A good worker is both resourcefull and keen on what the needs of a facility are.

    I can honestly say from working in a low funded shelter, that motivation and compassion is all that is needed. Despite being rural, we have had the complete backing of the community after starting our website and Facebook page. We ask on our page for dog food, and we have over 300 pounds of dog food come in sometimes. Also despite being poorly funded, we have managed to keep a big percentage of our animals healthy, adoptable, and happy. This is from implementing strict sanitation rules that only require having hand soap, disposable gloves, hand sanitizer, and bleach.

    That is right – a shelter does not have to invest in large and expensive products. A $5 gallon of bleach will suffice for disinfection and a hand sanitizer unit will also work well enough for hand sanitation needs. It has been proven that uri is spread mainly via hands in cats – upper respiratory is NOT airborne, another myth (or excuse) spread to avoid taking action

  3. I’m assuming that this shelter was a no-kill until this provision came to pass last month. It’s unlikely that Ms. Carillo made this decision solo. She must have strong backing from counselmen and commissioners.
    It makes me mad when these things are enacted without seeking public opinion. These issues are just generally placed on an agenda that the public has a hard time finding.

    What you describe is pretty standard here.

    Animal control is assigned to pick up any cat they see “at large” and deliver them to the kill shelter. The waiting period before euthanasia is 3 days unless they are deemed feral (determined by some unknown entity) in which case they are killed within 24 hours if not immediately.

    • I’m not sure there IS a shelter. Maybe just an office with some cages to house the animals for 3 days. Whatever they have it’s def poor planning.

        • Now I’ve seen everything. You know, nowhere in this article does it say any animals WERE euthanized. Only what Carrillo says should be done.

          It amazes me they’d break their own city ordinance by coming up with this new provision.

  4. This is a total admission of failure of society to discharge its obligations towards the domestic cat. If someone in authority says we can do nothing else other than kill stray cats because that is their mission and there are no other options because of a lack of funds and a lack of willingness to do anything else then they are admitting failure.

    And this is the major problem regarding humankind’s relationship with the domestic cat. We simply are not discharging our duties. We’re giving up and deciding simply to kill them because we scratch our heads as how to deal with unwanted cats and an excessive population of cats.

    But we know how to deal with it and that is to go to the root cause of all these problems which is irresponsible cat ownership and tackle the problem at source. There are 1,000,000 ways that can be done but it has to be forced upon people because you can’t ask people nicely to be responsible towards domestic cats when they are inherently irresponsible and they will not change their ways.

  5. this VERY MUCH enrages me!!!!! sick, sick idiots. . . any life is worth saving — especially healthy ones. . . this just totally disgusts me. . . there has to be a better solution. . .

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