HomeCat HistoryArchaeological dig at £7m car park suggests hats were made from cats in medieval Norwich


Archaeological dig at £7m car park suggests hats were made from cats in medieval Norwich — 5 Comments

  1. I am still disgusted over the info about China’s use of domestic cat fur. I am glad that you mentioned it because I can tell everyone else I know about it.
    I do wonder though about the ownership of wild species of cats in England by non zoo people. I read that a permit was not required for anyone in England to own some of the smaller species of wild cats. Is this true?

  2. Michael, the “British” and Indian Royalty hunted most animal species in India to extinction as colonizers.You are right in saying that Britain has seen it all and thankfully today actively involved in wild-life conservation.Just on New Years day i went on a motorcycle cruise around my own city Mumbai and marveled at the architecture of the “Chattrapati Shivaji Terminus(Victoria train Station)” built by the British.

  3. “Britain is the most civilised country in the world . This means that we have already been through a lot of the bad stuff that other countries are experienced today. We have passed through that phase in the development of the country. I hope that isn’t too chauvinistic.”

    Not chauvinistic – arrogant, insulting, and wrong.
    Telling it like I feel. Do you want to alienate your USA followers?

    • No I don’t want to alienate Americans but I feel I have the right to express my views freely. Anyone can say that sort of thing and it’s fine. It is only an opinion. I don’t think I am being arrogant. I am just exercising my right of freedom of speech. Millions of Americans fly the stars and stripes outside their house. We know how patriotic Americans are and that’s fine. It’s good. Why can’t I be patriotic? Almost no one does that with the union jack here.

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