Are Animal Rights Activists Terrorists?

First of all I’d like to say I don’t normally involve myself in U.S. politics. When I learned the FBI can now charge animal activists with terrorism, I decided I needed to know more about this. There are some changes being made by my government that have me a bit-well-TERRIFIED.

This is going to be one of my articles that will give you a colossal headache. I’ll warn you this article is thought provoking, confusing, and necessary to warn those involved in undercover surveillance to expose animal abusers they may be charged with terrorism.

Please take a look at this video where U.S. President Obama takes a hit at the American Constitution stating it has several major flaws that need to be changed. It’s important for you to understand this before I go any further.

I believe this change in government was originally meant as a homeland security measure to stop terrorism. Instead it has become a way to arrest American (as well as foreign) citizens without charge and hold them for an indefinite period.

I’ll later explain how in the end this also violates many of our privileges in the U.S. Bill of Rights.

As I said, I’m not into politics, so I’ll stop right here on this subject. There are plenty of references on the internet for those wanting to research what this new law means to U.S. citizens.

Now for the terrifying information I’ve learned. It was recently uncovered through the Freedom of Information Act that the FBI has kept records on many animal rights activists groups over the past decade.

We’ve all read of groups and organizations who go undercover into slaughterhouses and animal testing labs in order to secretly film and investigate claims of animal abuse.

The FBI is now stating such undercover activity, which includes trespassing and causes a loss of income to those being investigated, is an act of non-violent civil disobedience. Perhaps the FBI should just say non-violent terrorism since that’s what they mean.

Mostly this refers to livestock and factory farming. I believe it would also extend to any business that profits by causing pain to animals.

Those investigating claims of animal abuse are violating the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, 18 USC Section 43.

I’m not going to list a bunch of references for this. Just go to your search engine and type in “FBI can charge animal rights activists with terrorism” and several pages will come up.

I did an article many months ago where PETA investigated a lab in North Carolina for severe abuse to animals. Here’s the link. It ended with the lab animals being rescued. Which means without testing subjects the company lost income. According to the new FBI criteria, those investigating could be charged with terrorism.

I’m afraid this Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act will have a ripple effect on those trying to save animals. What if the ASPCA or other animal welfare organization cut into the profits of a big organization by investigating rumors of animal abuse. Will those investigating be charged with terrorism (since according to government this IS an act of terrorism) and held without trial for an indefinite period.

How about those who publicly denounce declawing, whether at a convention or outside a veterinary hospital. Are those protestors committing an act of terrorism? They’re certainly cutting into the profit that would be made by those being protested. Can those who want to ban declawing in the U.S. and publicly go after vets who declaw be arrested without charges and held in prison until who knows when?

These are scary thoughts on what our country here has become. The military is being granted permission to join local police forces under the guise of protecting those living in the U.S. Yet all of our constitutional rights are being taken away from us.

These are rights that we’ve lived by for over 200 years. Rights that made it clear that anyone who tried to change or abolish those rights would be committing an act of terrorism.

How do the readers here think these new changes in U.S. law will affect those fighting for the animals? This is very scary to me. Even the writing of this article could possibly be viewed as terrorism. Are any other countries creating laws such as these?

Please comment on any of this. As I said, I’m not into politics. Feel free to add anything I may have missed.


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Are Animal Rights Activists Terrorists?

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Jan 01, 2012
Concerned NEW
by: Leah England

This is all a bit scary. Surely though one would have to behave in a certain way to be labled a terrorist? Someone has already mention ‘non -treatening’
I would have thought that it wouldn’t be possible to arrest someone just for having their views put into print? There wouldn’t be enough places to hold these people surely?

Just when I think the world can’t get anymore topsy turvey and mad I’m proved wrong.

Jan 01, 2012
Government here is confused NEW
by: Elisa

They give out relief money to other countries as though its a bottomless bank. Yet there are people here who are starving and homeless and the government says there’s no money for those who need it in this country. This country used to take care of its own and thats no longer true.

I cringe each time I hear of a disaster in another part of the world. I understand the U.S. wanting to help, but they’re doing so at the expense of their own. You don’t help strangers when your own family is starving. I’m sorry if I’m wrong in believing that.

I’m fortunate to live in an area where most of the people are nice and try to help one another.

As for the natural resources being destroyed, I’d give anything to have lived in the young days of this country. I’ve heard the trees were 200 feet tall back in the 1700’s. Then all of the wood was taken for homes and firewood and now the trees are on average less than 100 feet tall. I love old trees. They’re very hard to find these days.

Jan 01, 2012
Am I a Terrorist? NEW
by: Paw-Paw John

Does the government consider me and any other person who thinks the abuse and killing of healthy animals to be terrorists? Frankly, I really do not care. When I became involved in animal rescue, I knew I was going to make enemies. I knew that there were going to be people who would do their best to put me down and stop my efforts. I knew that there would be a cost. Whatever that cost may be, I intend to continue to protest the corrupt, immoral animal control system where money is more important than compassion.

With that said, let me say that I am not surprised by the government’s willingness to persecute animal rescuers. You see, we are interfering with big bucks and big business. we are saying that life has value, and that not only threatens the livelihood of all those employed in animal control, slaughter, and research, it also threatens the livelihood of those involved in the abortion industry, for if we can convince the American people that an animal has the right to life, it won’t be long before they realize that humans have a right to life as well.

Many people are probably too young to remember a group called Operation Rescue. The members of Operation Rescue used to demonstrate outside of abortion clinics. Operation rescue was so successful, they almost single-highhandedly shut down the abortion industry. Pro-murder lobbyists backed by big money bought enough politicians to extend the RICO Act to apply to abortion protesters. The RICO Act was designed to shut down organized crime. If a person was charged with a crime under the Rico Act, they could be imprisoned and have their home and other assets seized by the government. Faced with such a threat, Operation Rescue was forced to stand down.

The big humane organizations have already labeled us terrorists. So be it. Call me whatever you will. But there is one thing you will never be able to call me and that is a Coward. I intend to fight to the end. I intend to work within the law to the best of my ability, but the bottom line is that the Constitution protects my right to non-violent protest and political activism and to expose greed and corruption. Go ahead and arrest me. Make me a martyr. All you will do is rally others to take my place. We will win in the end.

Well, I guess in a way I am a terrorist. I am a terror to those who are corrupt, who have no conscience, who would kill millions of animals so they can make a buck. So, to all of you who fit this description, be afraid; be very afraid.

Jan 01, 2012
Good NEW
by: Michael

Good post Elisa. The video is a bit over the top but interesting. I watched to the end. Terrorism has changed the world. I think it damages the collective consciousness of the world. It damages all of us. It is a wound in the side of humanity.

Other things also damage humanity such as the abuse of nature, the destruction of virgin forests, the destruction of the tiger etc….

Terrorism has changed America. You know, I hate to go through passport control in the US because the officers who check you are frankly unpleasant. I know you have to be tough on foreigners because they might damage America but it makes travelling to American unpleasant for me.

There is a constant battle between fundamental rights and the establishment (big business, CIA, FBI, politicians). The establishment want to protect themselves from the hoi polloi (average person). The establishment fly above the sh*t. We are in it. The establishment want results, cast iron results with expediency and they can only get that by breaking the law, the constitution.

I think what it happening is linked to the Occupy protests. It is us versus them. The people versus the establishment. The rich versus the poor. We are tired of being walked on.

The US government doesn’t work that well. It is somewhat paralyzed. There are a good number of heavy right wing politicians in the US government who carry guns, shoot up nature, don’t give a damn about the environment, and are willing to trample over the rights of the man on the Clapham omnibus to get what they want…the protection of their wealth. It is time fore revolution…

Dec 31, 2011
by: Elisa

The FBI seems to look at the terrorists who fight for the rights of animals are in some way trying to overthrow our government. I guess by taking money from the big corporations who back abuse to animals would indeed be called treason as well as terrorism. This is all very scary to me. Anyone can be judged at any time to be a terrorist and carted off the God only knows where.

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