Are blind cats more affectionate?

Are blind cats more affectionate? I don’t know for sure but I’ll guess that they are because they are more vulnerable. They need a human carer more urgently than a sighted cat. They are more dependent on a human guardian. This may strengthen the relationship which may lead to a blind cat becoming more affectionate than normal.

It is a simple formula but I think the reasoning is sound. Of course, it works both ways. The cat’s human guardian needs to be more interactive. She needs to play a greater role in their blind cat’s life. This can only lead to a tighter bond between cat and person. In turn this is likely to lead to both parties being more affectionate towards each other.

Blind cats are amazingly competent as one Reddit user makes clear in their post:

Samuel – no eyes but a big heart. Rescued from a hoarder. Fearless and the most loving cat I’ve ever had!!

Samuel a loving and highly affectionate blind cat rescued from a hoarder
Samuel a loving and highly affectionate blind cat rescued from a hoarder. Photo: Reddit.
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They are also clear that their cat is very loving. This is a wonderful relationship. It so mutually supportive. It’s an ideal.

I also believe that blind cats can be less worrisome for their guardians. They have to be indoor cats. There is no debate about it. It cuts out a concern for the cat owner. Should I or should I not let my cat go outside? That question can’t come up. The only question is how to protect your blind cat and make her life as enjoyable as possible in the home. This will mean more interaction as mentioned.

Building a catio would be a good idea too or a backyard enclosure. The ideal environment for a blind cat is the inside of a nice home plus a catio where she can smell the outside. Let’s not forget that blind cats are heavily reliant on their senses of smell and hearing; more so than usual. Place them safely outside in a nice catio and they can sniff the earth and air and hear the sounds of nature. That’s stimulating. It is the sort of experience that fires up their Mojo to use the words of Jackson Galaxy.

Just make sure that some stranger cat wandering around the area does not upset her. She’d probably pick up their scent and it may worry her.

P.S. Blnd cats will also use their sense of touch and their whiskers which are incredibly sensitive so much so that the can sense air currents around objects. This helps them navigate.

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