Are bobcats good climbers?

Bobcat scales 7-foot fence with ease and in a few seconds
Bobcat scales 7-foot fence with ease and in a few seconds. Screenshot.
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Bobcats are good climbers as you might expect. They will climb a tree if and when pursued by dogs or perhaps charged by a deer. However, they spend most of their time on the ground. The video, I think, is quite a nice example of the abilities of the American bobcat to climb very effectively. It was taken by a security camera outside the backyard of a man and the fence is 7-foot tall. Admittedly the bobcat had the opportunity to grip onto those cross members which were very conveniently placed but nonetheless the bobcat traversed the fence with ease and in seconds.

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Deer are an important part of the bobcat diet across the north-eastern United States. Although the majority of prey taken by bobcats are small weighing in at less than 2 kg. The bobcats can single-handedly kill prey weighing about 10 times their own body weight. In the northern United States predation of adult deer occurs most frequently in the winter as it is a time when deer are more vulnerable to attack due to the deep snow or because of nutritional stress.

The adult deer is not always killed instantaneously and there have been some eyewitness accounts of deer running along with bobcats hanging onto them by the throat. But they mainly feed on fawns which they kill quickly by a neck or throat bite.

Clearly, some deer fight back and occasionally, rarely, charge bobcats and which point they sometimes escape up a tree.

The bobcat’s diet is dominated by rabbits or hares across most of its distribution combined with a range of species of rodent depending upon the season and place.

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