Are bobcats legal to own in Florida?

Bobcats are legal to own in Florida provided you have a permit as they are classified as ‘Class II Wildlife’ because they can be a danger to people. They require “substantial experience and specific cage requirements”. These requirements must be met. You can apply for a permit online on the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission website. All the details you need are there. There is a link below to their website. – note: external links sometimes go wrong. I can’t control that. Sorry.

Pet bobcat who likes to use a human toilet to poop and pee
Pet bobcat who likes to use a human toilet to poop and pee. Screenshot.
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The Covid pandemic has had an impact on how FWC manage the ownership of wildlife in their state. It would be wise to check this out. Clearly, in due course that information will become irrelevant but I would suggest that it would take some time to consign the Covid pandemic to history.

FWC, as at the date of this post, are carrying out an appraisal of their administrative processes and on the reporting of animals causing injuries to people. There might, therefore, be changes to some of these rules. It would be wise to keep an eye on that as well.

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