Are Cat Lovers Creative People?

Cat lovers are creative people
Poster by Ruth aka Kattaddorra
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What makes me ask this question is that I have noticed many of the people who come to PoC have creative and artistic natures.

For example take our worthy leader Michael. He created this wonderful web site, he writes deep and imaginative articles and poetry and he dabbles in photography. These are all the pursuits of a man with an artistic nature.

Many PoC regulars write beautifully also, interesting articles, thoughtful comments, some write poetry, share photographs they’ve taken and on another article it seems that we have a few cooks amongst us too telling us of the wonderful dishes they create.

Not least we have our singer/songwriter/musician, more creative pursuits. I love writing, designing and singing as does my sister Barbara also, we both inherited these traits from our late mother, as well as our passionate love of cats.

Also we enjoy gardening, do we have any more gardeners here? That is surely creative, making a haven of plants and flowers for ourselves and for our cats and wild birds to enjoy also. I wonder what other creative pastimes PoC people have too? There are so many!

At one time before the internet came into my life I used to make plaster of Paris figures and paint them and sell them for charities, I loved doing that, but then began writing short stories and poems. Sometimes our tastes change slightly but never from creative pastimes.

Maybe because cats are so peaceful to live with most of the time, we can put our leisure time to creating something. I think cats are inspiring too, just looking at a cat fills me with awe at the wonder of them. Walter and Jozef are fast asleep, one on the couch, one in the armchair, just glancing at them both makes me feel as content as they are.

We cat lovers should strive to find peace like cats can in this busy noisy world. Next door’s dog constantly barking can irritate us a lot but our cats sleep on, they have inner peace and quiet.

I think also that we cat lovers, just like the cats we love, are people with strong views, not ‘yes men’ and can have discussions and see another person’s point of view but not be swayed by those who say that we are wrong.

Cats can teach us such a lot if we just watch, listen and learn!

Ruth aka Kattaddorra

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125 thoughts on “Are Cat Lovers Creative People?”

  1. So much talent in the POC community. I spent most of my creative years in business. The catering business. I guess you could say my art was in food display and customer service. I had over 100 employees and we were the best of the best. The stress made me old too early, but it was exciting for the fifteen years I had the business. I went on to food service consulting. Now in my retirement, I am dabbling in oil painting. I was going to post a picture of a painting I did of Bigfoot four years ago, but after seeing all the ‘real’ talent here…I think I’ll skip it. I am working toward a more painterly approach to painting. Somewhere in the deep history of POC there was an article on drawing a cat using a grid. Well, that is how I painted Bigfoot. Now, I let my paintbrush dance and loosen up.

    Good to know bits and pieces of everyone.

    What impresses me most about much of the POC community, is all the writing talent. I love a well put together sentence. I didn’t learn to write when I was supposed to. (High school?). But, I sure recognize good writing when I read it.

    • Don’t be silly, DW, post your painting! I don’t have real talent as a writer, composer, musician or singer, but I do all those things and share them anyway. If everyone who wasn’t the greatest talent hid their light there would be very little beauty in the world. The value of art is what you express with it, what you have to say. It’s like Charles Ives says: “Don’t listen to the notes too much or you might miss the music.” He saw and heard the real beauty of amateurs singing because they lovrd what they were doing. The world needs super talented people, no doubt, but it needs amateurs too or there would be very little art or music being made. I think your PoC family would love to see your painting.

    • Please post your at.
      I love that we have so many different talents here.
      It would be awesome to have them all in one single person.

  2. Thanks to cats all “P.O.C” writers have opened up on their inherent talents and professions. A very elite artistic group of cat owners and aficionado’s.I am surprised at the multi-faceted talents of “P.O.C” owner/editor Mr Michael.Broad and “P.O.C’s” long-time blogger Marc.As for me, a former “Marine Engineer” who just loved being lost in the wide oceans for 23 years and now travelling on my own, exploring various city’s and blogging about them.I like the free-thinking attitude of cats and all writers, irrespective of their fan base or royalty income love a “free-Thinking” atmosphere.As a “All-Rounder” i love sports and swim 500 meters every morning at the “M.G.M.O” pool near my residence in Mumbai. Cycling and motorcycling are my passions, the cycle used for short traveling distances and the motorcycle for long distances.Just “Google” my name and read my blogs, some controversial, the “Cat free thinker” habit.Thanks Ruth Aka Kattaddorra for the excellent humorous illustrative article that has exposed our inherent talents and attitude towards living.My cats are a part of my family.

    • What a lovely photo, such beautiful cats.
      I’ll look up your blogs later Rudolph, they sound very interesting 🙂

      • Are they family in the painting and the small photo Rudolph?
        I think I’ve seen your ‘Last Supper’ before in a photo you’ve posted, I do love that.

        • Yes Ruth and thanks for the compliments.The portrait is the photo of my late parents along with my prize winning dachshund “Lucky”.This photo was taken in the late 1980’s at home in Mumbai. The “Last Supper” is from Barcelona. My house has a collection from most corners of our planet as our family was “Sea-faring” by profession.

          • Your house must be very interesting, I could browse around all day looking at your beautiful pictures and your collections 🙂 but most of all your cats of course

    • Rudolph, you are all over the internet! When I search for your name the whole of the first page of Google is about you with photos 🙂

      This is just one of your pages:

      You photo is what I call “exotic”. The furniture, the feel of it and your glorious Persian cats. Great photo.


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