Are cat lovers too serious sometimes?

Simon refuses to act like a dog
Simon refuses to act like a dog
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People who love cats are automatically very concerned about the welfare of cats. One follows the other as night follows day. However, it could be argued that cat lovers can expose themselves to the criticism that they lack a sense of humor and are overly serious in their passion for cat welfare and their hatred of any form of cat abuse. Seriousness can lead to dogma and a entrenchment of opinion; both negatives when fighting for a cause.

Cat welfare is a very serious business and therefore there is a need to take a serious attitude towards it but, that said, a person should be able to enjoy the amusing antics of cats sometimes even if, as is the case in the video below, cat abuse is very near the surface. In fact, I know a lot of people who will say that the video below is a form of cat abuse but at the same time it is amusing which begs the question about where the dividing line is between amusement at the expense of the domestic cat and actual abuse. It can be a fine line which is hard to place.

The two cats in the video are Simon and Wash. Simon refused to walk on his leash (obviously!). In fact, his behavior and body language strongly indicates that he objects to the idea of being walked on a leash. It is almost a conscious act of objection and good for him. Morgan James is the caretaker of his two cats and this is what it says below the video on YouTube:

Morgan James: “We took the kitties to the local park for some outside adventure, only for Simon to completely refuse to walk at all while wearing the leash. He demanded he be carried. He doesn’t care if Wash gets in his way. The pet will become the master.

These are my two cats, Simon and Wash. I have seen some people upset by the video and I wish they didn’t feel that way. Both of my cats are wearing a harness specifically made for cats. The leash attaches at their shoulder blades and is designed so that there is no pressure exerted on the neck…..The grass is healthy and is a low-friction surface, in my opinion.

I do no think either of them were in any distress and I apologize to those of you who are upset by this video, but I love both of my cats very much….I will try to upload more videos soon….I want to buy my cats things with cat money!”

An example of 3 comments are set out below:

Animal abuse! He is being strangled to the point where he can’t even walk!!! Delete this video!

Morgan James: I’m just going to say that I love my cats very much and assume this is sarcasm. :3

It is Morgan. He’s making fun of all the stupid people who leap onto every channel screaming “ANIMAL ABUSE!” for no reason.

The reason why I reproduce these comments on this page is because they do indicate that some people perceive cat advocates and animal advocates as being somewhat crazy and too ready to criticize people of cat abuse. I don’t agree that cat and animal lovers are too eager to criticize others about animal abuse but there are many people who see animal rights advocates in that light.

I myself have been criticized for supporting the cat in comments made under you Tube videos. In fact, I have been vociferously criticized and unjustly criticized in my view. However, I would prefer that there was less of a polarized group of people on the one side, who are highly concerned with cat welfare, and on other side people who prefer to regard the cat as an entertainer.

It could be argued that if cat lovers are too serious they undermine the arguments that they wish to make in support of cat welfare. Cat lovers need to engage with the other side, the “enemy”, who are people who simply don’t understand cat behavior and are less in touch with animal welfare. To engage with the “enemy” is to have a dialogue with them rather than a slanging match.

One way to assist in that processes is to have some fun or see the funny side of cat videos like the one on this page.

Do you see the video as a bit of harmless fun or as a form of cat abuse or mild cat abuse? I must admit that I smiled and laughed a little bit at the conscious objection of Simon, which I found impressive. The abuse bit is that he was dragged along the grass but as Morgan James states no harm was done to Simon. A question: perhaps Simon even liked it a bit. That seems possible.

Personally, I would have stopped pulling him after a much shorter distance because to pull him over the distance shown in the video indicates what Morgan James admits namely that he wants to make a video which earns some money through advertising.

This was, therefore, a mild case of cat exploitation and cat abuse as well as fun and all cat lovers should allow themselves the pleasure of a laugh at cat antics sometimes or am I being too flippant?

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  1. The only thing more difficult than pulling a cat on a leash…

    …is pushing a cat on a leash!

    Video was mildly amusing at first, but kitty obviously did NOT enjoy, hence further pulling around was unwarranted.

    True, intentional “abuse”? Naw, just a bit of misguided reverie, at kitty Simon’s expense. At least they love their kitties enough to take them to the park!

    As every kat keeper knows, angry kitty will eventually dole out the comeuppance.

    (I’d like to see the video when this same fellow discovers the warm little “treat” kitty Simon leaves in his slipper, or when he awakens to the cat’s butt up snuggled up against his nose!)

    My experience is that when a kitty perceives a “violation of trust”, the damage and ill will can take months to overcome.

    If Simon hops onto this fellow’s lap still, there was no real foul, no lasting damage (per the (un)written rules made by all cats).

    (“purr” the rules?)


    Oh, hey… as long as everyone is here, and you might have avoided my last post, kindly forgive my weird sense of humor sometimes. No, I was not attempting to spam or sell furniture!

    Dear Ahsan had mentioned he trained in carpentry in Denmark, and that was all the encouragement I needed to post photos of Danish Modern furrniture.

    (Okay, now that was too obscure, I admit)

    • We appreciate off-beat humor or at least I do. I love it. I just didn’t get it because I write comments from the Admin section of the site rather than from the page itself which means I don’t see the thread.

      I agree with what you say:

      True, intentional “abuse”? Naw, just a bit of misguided reverie, at kitty Simon’s expense. At least they love their kitties enough to take them to the park!

  2. How did POC become so low as to allow such nasty attacks on people who were invited to give their opinion and did so? What gives “Jayme” the right to attack anyone who rightly objects to the exploitation, and “mild” abuse of cats? Why couldn’t she have stated her views and left it at that without attacking in the most unpleasant way people who care deeply about cats and their welfare, is that the way she argues – by attack? The abuse directed at Kattaddorra is unforgiveable, gutter language and then she sees another imagined slight in what Dee says about charity work and squares up for another fight. This is uncomfortable reading and would make me ashamed to be involved if someone happened across it while googling this stupid video. Yes it got a lot of hits, yes the cat could have been injured or poisoned, no it couldn’t have stood up because then it would have been pulled off it’s feet again, yes it endured the ordeal, cats are famous for enduring, we all know that. But here’s a thought, why the hell should Simon have HAD to endure? Can any one of you imagine dragging your own cat along when it’s obvious he doesn’t want to be there, and again, would you allow this to be done to a child?

    • Babz, I am just treating this as a blip, no more. Let’s let it pass and be forgotten. Sometimes this happens. Best forgotten I think to be honest.

      PoC has not sunk low. Discussions on this sort of subject can lead to heated debate.

      • A heated debate is one thing, an attack in capital letters, calling someone an old bitch and ranting all sorts of insults is horrible and not so easily forgotten by the person attacked, if it had been Woody those comments would have rightly been deleted. I like a debate as much as the next person but this was a step too far and I am not going to let Ruth be attacked like that without having my say on the matter, I would do it in real life and I will do it online too. I hope this article does soon pass into oblivion, it certainly does POC no credit.

      • It is NOT a blip Michael! God knows cats are maligned enough by many and if any of those of us who love them can laugh at a cat’s discomfort then what hope have we of gaining respect for cats from other people!
        They are already treated as second class citizens in the USA, videos like this are bad news for cats, cat haters love them! What will Simon’s owner do next to give people cheap thrills? Oh yes those video makers need to go one better when they get laughs, so how far will the cat abuse go next to provide those laughs! I can also give my opinion WITHOUT attacking another person!
        I truly love cats and will defend and protect them with my dying breath!

      • But not deirect attack a person , Michael. You have to make rules.

        I even don’t like the cruel comments made by me, anyone or you against the cruelty. Some times I feel that love of cats has made us, ourself as CRUEL.

        We seriously have to discuss on this issue, Make a strict rule, sharing a comment is okay but abusing words to any one or so, BANNED 🙁 This is if had a knowledge to run a website. RUTH and everyone whether OLD or YOUNG is our guests, partners or HoSts of the site(if many years have passed with them as a member).

        PHUUHAA am not happy with the LANGUAGE used yesterday by a cat lover who lost his precious property (cats) in accident. Waaaooo we are upto a new millennium, perhaps.

        Just respect everyone, We are not hosts from a TV show, in which the dialogues are paid, and already decided, and nobody MINDS. Because every thing is acting, and understood 🙁

        • I agree Ahsan, there has to be mutual respect. I co-run two groups on face book and help admin others and anyone who insults an admin or any other member is immediately banned and blocked.
          There is never a need for shouting or for disgusting insulting language.

  3. How fucking bored are you faggots to write an entire social article on some dudes cat video? Jesus Christ, this is why no one takes English majors seriously. Can’t find work, huh?

    Lighten up, fuck face.
    Also, congratulations on giving this guy free views and more publicity by adding a DIRECT LINK to the video.

    • Thanks LOL. The quality of your comment is typical of the sort of person you are. Cr*p. The article is not about the video per se but about the attitude of cat lovers to cat abuse and what constitutes cat abuse in videos and still photos. In your haste to insult people, I guess you missed that point.

      I like to support other people’s webpages and videos where possible, Why not?

    • English Major?

      I had an English Major and a French Minor in college…

      …but they found them both in my dormitory room and kicked me out of school.

    • Yes Woody come along and join the free for all and enjoy seeing a cat being laughed at and those who love and defend their rights insulted, why not, you are in some good company on this article.

  4. Well Im not sure how to Answer. I guess sometimes I can be a little bit too Serious as I am Quite Sensitive to anything towards My Animals or Most Things. We are not all Experts we are just caring people who Love our Cats. Myself Im not an Experts,I just Care about my Animals and safety of Others. I’m sure we arent all Perfect as we are Human Beings. I dont want to be judged as we all do our Best in the Protection of all Cats. We just say things and do things differently. Love your beautiful Cats they are Geogerous.

  5. Barbara and Ahsan are two true cat lovers and see the abuse in that video, as I do!
    Now, those who think it’s acceptable to drag a cat along in a public park, think about that grass, how many feet have walked on it? Feet in shoes that may have trampled in dog muck, dog pee, human saliva, chewing gum, kids spat out sweets….think how a fastidious cat feels being dragged over any of that! Not a short way, no, laughing and enjoying the cat’s plight and prolonging it for the thrill of fools. Simon is not happy, he is showing that quite clearly, he has the sense to know that if he stands up to fight it he could be hurt by being tangled in that leash!
    Well laugh at that if you feel you must, defend someone who thinks it’s funny, but having spent my adult lifetime living, working and volunteering with cats I will never ever laugh at a cat’s discomfort, this video is abuse to me!

  6. Poor Simon I don’t agree with what was done to him but I don’t think he was hurt or traumatised bless him. Jayme I was interested to read your views yet you think we all go over board and over react with our negative comments about animal abuse even if its borderline yet aren’t you doing the same when referring to Ruths comments? You were negative and you went overboard. Its not a criticism just an observation. What I did disagree with though is you calling Ruth, Barbara and others rif raf. Very unfair and uncalled for. They dedicate their lives to animal welfare and have witnessed the worst kinds of cruelty they are very sensitive after what they have seen to even mild animal abuse and rightly so!

    • Yes, that may be so, for partly which i am sorrowful, but not with the ideas. I don’t care how much a person has done in the care of animals, not everyone who acts upon a wacky thought or idea involving an animal is acting in hate and abuse. First responder doesn’t always mean the most skilled or superlative over anyone else. If every little action was analyzed and over analyzed to the point of exhaustion, the whole planet would be guilty of something and Disney and every other corporation throughout history would be blasphemed for their involvement with animals in the movies down through the decades. All the movies we laugh at today we could question. Were they truly “happy” forced to perform for a days salary in someone’s pocket? We could set and argue the point until the cows come home, to which no one will agree. Let’s remember that however next time we set down to watch a fun movie at an animals expense. Gain and profit.

        • Well, eh, SMH a little bit. Kick up a little dust– turn my eyes away and say, shucks… Well, uh, you might say that. Yes, you could say it. I’m still trying to feel my way around here….I still feel this feeling you must belong to a special group or organization or shelter to be a part here. Don’t ask why, its just something i feel. Perhaps that’s why i feel out of sorts. If that is so, i guess i don’t really belong. But again, i guess that is what i am doing. What you asked. So yeah. I guess i have. Free your mind and you can also free your spirit. Thanks for pulling stuff out of me.

          • No problem. Thanks for the roundabout apology I would just like you to know that not all of us are part of something we just do what we can in whatever way we can to fight animal abuse. I hope Ruth doesn’t mind me saying that she and Barbara work using a lot of their spare time to fight animal abuse especially de-clawing. They are caring people and they do what they feel is right. They care not only for animals but for people as well and raise money for both.
            Thats all, thank you I hope we can move on because we all care about animals and that’s why we are here on Michaels wonderful site that gives us a platform to discuss what we all have in common; cats and cat welfare.

            • Well it did it to your reply as well. I did not get your reply as i normally do in my email letting me know that there is a reply. Well, i got it anyway. You are right. Well, its no longer roundabout way. I came clean with it. haha. Well, you could say i was kinda cornered. haha. Not really. But i mean she did respond to something i wrote and so i just did it then. Made it a clean slate i hope. This site has helped me a lot. I looked around but i found i like this one most. I love how there are people from different parts of the world involved in (cat) animal welfare. So yeah. I hope this disappears soon. Peace.


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