Are cat rescue adoption fees allowable on Facebook?

FB posts can't sell animals
FB posts can’t sell animals
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Cat rescue is very big on Facebook. This is one area where Facebook provides a genuinely good service. I know that many cat rescuers and cat lovers are very active on Facebook. However, I’m not clear on one aspect. I am sure it can be cleared up fast.

I need people’s help on this one. My research has not provided me with an answer. Under Facebook’s commerce policies, posts may not promote the sale of any animals. This is understandable. Sales of animal cages, products for animals such as toys and collars, veterinary services, grooming services and boarding services can be promoted on Facebook.

However, it is commonplace for cat rescue organizations to ask for an adoption fee to cover expenses when offering a cat for adoption. This is not the sale of an animal but it is quite close to it. I have checked Facebook’s policies and they do not cover, to the best of my knowledge, adoption fees for rescue animals.

I’m sure many cat rescuers will be able to provide me with a quick answer. If you can please point to the relevant FB policy. I think the point needs clarifying. I also think that Facebook needs to clarify the point in their commerce policies.

I would have thought that the policy should cover a ban on making a profit from selling animals as opposed to covering expenses in animal rescue which is quite a different thing. Cat rescue can’t operate without funding and therefore there has to be some payment by an adopter to cover expenses in relation to an individual cat.

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