Are cats girly? Infographic.

Simple question and a direct answer in an infographic.

Are cats girly Yes and no.
Are cats girly Yes and no.
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I have a really nice (I think πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Ž) essay on the relationship between the domestic cat and women which may interest you in which I extend the discussion started in the infographic. See and read it by clicking on the link below if you wish.

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More than feminine or masculine, the cats I treat each day are family.

Dr Bruce Fogle DVM a veterinarian and author of 40 years standing.

Why do women like cats?

The question is a bit loaded really as a lot of men like cats too. But the general view is that women like cats and men like dogs which simplifies things tremendously. It ain’t like that in truth. As for all aspects of society and humans there is a spectrum of behaviours and gender characteristics.

Here is some generic stuff on the topic:

The affinity between women and cats is a topic that has been explored in various ways. Some theories suggest that women may appreciate the independent nature of cats, as well as their cleanliness and the comfort they can provide. Historically, cats have often been associated with women in art and literature, and some women find they can relate to cats on a personal level.

Additionally, cats are known to be low-maintenance pets, which can be appealing to anyone who appreciates having a companion that is relatively easy to care for. They’re also known for being good at providing entertainment with their playful antics. Moreover, interacting with cats can release oxytocin in humans, which is a hormone that promotes feelings of happiness and reduces stress.

It’s important to note that these are general observations and may not apply to every individual. People of all genders can and do enjoy the companionship of cats for various reasons. The connection between a person and their pet is unique and can be influenced by many different factors.

Thanks. My thanks to Dr Bruce Fogle for giving me the idea for the post and infographic. It comes from his book: Complete Cat Care.

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