Are cats really attracted to people who dislike cats?

Are cats really attracted to people who dislike cats? Yes. The reason is that cat lovers and likers like to look at cats (they are so beautiful aren’t they and they make us smile). The more a person loves cats the more (s)he is likely to look at a cat and make eye contact.

Cat Stare
Kitten Stare. Super Cute. Photo Belal Khan on Flickr.
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Cats find a direct stare disconcerting (incidentally, my cat does not find it disconcerting so this characteristic varies from cat to cat).

When cats do the old suma-style, show down, pre-fight routine….they stare at each other until one of them turns away and in slow motion walks off. The slow movement is to keep face and integrity. The potential conflict is resolved peaceably.

People who don’t like cats are less likely to look at them and perhaps even less likely to make eye contact.

The domestic cat sees this as politeness and therefore he/she approaches to socialize with the person who dislikes him. The way of nature.

It seems to be a mistake of nature but it is two species interacting who wouldn’t normally in the wild.

The truth is probably more refined than as I have stated. The domestic cat has become sociable and adopted some human traits. I think if a cat is very close to their caretaker they get used to being looked at and are relaxed with it. The hardwired responses are pushed out of the mind.

13 thoughts on “Are cats really attracted to people who dislike cats?”

  1. Well some Cats that I have known in my Life are Very aware if you are a Cat Person or known that your not a Cat Person. I Remember my Tammy was always aware if there was a bad Person as she got Very Defensive and would Growl. But some Cats can smooch against a person that is a dog Lover too.

    • Jozef sits on my foot to protect me if a stranger or a person he’s not sure about comes, I truly think he would attack anyone who threatened me.

      • We know cats are able to think like that meaning be protective of their human companion. I am not sure Charlie. He’s probably hide but he’d expect me to protect him and I would. I’d do all that it took to protect him.

  2. This must explain why so many cats were attracted to my infrared surveillance monitors and got shot to death. Cats couldn’t stand that cold, dim, red-eye of the IR floods in the yard.

    • You are a complete arsehole aren’t you “Brad”? One day, when you’re 70 yrs old you’ll look back at what you did – your pathetic trolling – and think “What a moron I was”. And you’d be right.

    • Your stupid ranting impresses NO ONE. It might make you feel big and important but it just makes me despise you more and more and hope for Karma to catch up with you very soon.

  3. I was at a relatives house yesterday and as I arrived one of the two family cats, neither of whom I had met before, ran to meet me, he’s a beautiful long haired ginger boy and he wound round and round my legs and let me stroke him for a long time, when I asked where the other cat was the reply was that he was out somewhere but was shy so probably wouldn’t come back until later when it was just the family again but on leaving I spotted him in the driveway, he is a gorgeous black and white shorthaired cat and I so much wanted to “meet” him but he wouldn’t come near. So, two family cats, both loved and cared for in the same way, both very loving with close family but one who doesn’t trust strangers and one who does so it must be down to nature and not nurture.

  4. I love the way our cats look up trustingly into our faces, this comes with each new cat as we get to know each other and they realise we would never hurt them.
    I think most cats are naturally wary of strangers, ours will never go to anyone outside, but if we stand chatting to someone, they will come and roll around nearby.

  5. Interesting.
    I never really thought about this possibility.
    Many domesticated cats are so friendly and trusting.
    It scares me to think that they could be attracted to people who don’t like them. It’s a very vulnerable and, potentially dangerous situation for them.

    • It could dangerous for them which is a distortion of nature. However, I don’t believe it is a major issue. The principle is there but in practice I don’t see this happening all the time. It depends on lots of things including the individual cat.

    • It scares me too Dee when I see neighbours cats being sociable, it’s horrible that cats need to be wary of people they don’t know, but I’m glad that ours are!


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