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Are claw caps humane? — 5 Comments

  1. Very good thoughts. I never was really super comfortable with these things. Luckily we trained our little ones really well and they haven’t destroyed our furniture.

  2. My opinion is that claw caps most likely cause distress to a cat. They certainly cannot be comfortable by any means. I do not advocate using them at all. Maybe in the most extreme circumstances, as a last resort, claw caps may provide a temporary solution to a problem. But there lies the keyword…temporary.

  3. The cats that get claw caps won’t be going outside anyway. They’re indoor-only cats. But at least they still have claws which doesn’t prevent them from an indoor-outdoor life in a safe locale.

    People need re-education about pet ownership. Cats moult. Cats strop their claws. They puke hairballs. They (might) catch prey. They track cat litter out of the tray. If any of those things are not acceptable then a person shouldn’t get a cat.

    (On the other hand they are company, they (might) snuggle, they play, they are engaging to watch …..

  4. Additionally, there’s always the percentage of people who opt for doing something just because it’s there, like it’s a fashion choice. All of those cats suffer with these things, too, just because the owners can’t foster an amicable relationship with a living being they chose to have live with them. One should be able to trim their nails as well, when they get too sharp.

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