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Are domestic cat lion cuts ever justified? — 4 Comments

  1. No shaving unless medically necessary! And, ofcourse, no cosmetic shaving.
    Believe me, any cat will enjoy 2 hours of constant attention combing them out, even in increments of 15 minutes. Spare the hours.
    The easier, softer way isn’t easier and softer for the cat.

  2. No there is no justification to shave a cat that way, in fact it’s a form of abuse to take the fur from a cat un-necessarily, they have fur for a reason! It makes me sick that idiots have the power to do anything they like to helpless animals just so they can show them off and get attention for their own inflated egos.

  3. Poor Kittie 🙁 I used to think that is was ok in a very hot climate if the cat was indoor/outdoor but not now; not after seeing this 🙁 and it was done in her own home too so she’s done it herself! This means the cat is traumatised just look at that sad face. Giving it more though even in a hot climate this is wrong all you need to do is keep your cats coat in good condition because the coat then will naturally lie flat and serve as insulation in winter and keep cat cool in summer; thats natures way.
    The only way that this should ever be done if for medical reasons the wicked person who has this cat has clearly done this for their own pleasure hence the fur left at the end of the tail 🙁
    If she’s a woman I wonder if she’d like her head shaved forcefully? I wonder if she’d be traumatised with the end result?

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