Are domestic cats allowed to roam freely in America?

In general, domestic cats are allowed to roam freely in America. However, a few states, counties or cities have specific ordinances (laws) which in effect disallow domestic cats from roaming.

I won’t go into great detail for the simple reason that the situation is a little bit messy or disjointed legally but I will mention a few situations where domestic cats are, in effect, prevented from roaming freely.

The Cat Fanciers’ Association mention the City of New Orleans which they say has an “animal confinement law” which requires that all pets be chained or confined with certain exceptions. Cats are not allowed outside unless they are neutered, licensed, vaccinated and tagged. If a person’s cat is caught outside of their property and not leashed that person can be fined or serve a jail sentence on conviction.

The website has a section in which they ask “What about Freeroaming or Feral Cats?”.

They refer to the state of Wisconsin which apparently has legislation which classifies freeroaming cats that do not have a collar as an unprotected species which allows people to kill them as pests.  I do not know whether this 2005 law is still in existence but it probably is.

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They also refer to the city of Akron, Ohio which adopted an ordinance in 2002 which allows animal control to trap any freeroaming cat if a citizen of the city complains about the cat. There are probably other cities which similar laws.

There are also probably other cities or counties which have introduced ordinances which either restrict the activities of outdoor cats or which in effect confines them to the home or backyard of the owner (without actually specifying that cats are confined).  However, I have been unable to find details other than those stated above during a 20 min search on the Internet.

I can tell quickly whether something exists or does not when searching the Internet and because it is very difficult to find information about laws which confine domestic cats in the USA I have to conclude that there are no laws or very few. There are certainly no such laws in the UK or Europe. But common sense does play a big role here. 

Legislators are relying on cat owners to take common sense steps to keep their cats safe which includes keeping them inside.

Perhaps there is a hidden factor involved in this discussion. Although domestic cats are allowed to roam and wander freely outside the confines of their owner’s home what happens in practice is that not infrequently people who don’t like this either trap the cat (when it ends up at a shelter) or kill it. This behaviour might be a crime but once again in practice this sort of crime is allowed to take place by the authorities for various reasons.  Accordingly, the net result is that cats are confined to their home for practical reasons.

There are real dangers outside for domestic cat in the USA, one which of course is predators and I’m talking about animal predators like the coyote but another predator is the human animal.

I wrote this sketchy article in response to Dee’s comments under one of the other articles in which she states that domestic cats are confined to the inside in America.  I disagreed with that.  My research supports my thoughts but if I am incorrect please tell me and I’ll tear up this article 😉

The laws are quite different from dogs. Historically cats have been allowed to roam freely and the legislature in America in cities or states have thus far been unable to overcome that historical legacy.

Things are changing, however, and the country which leads the way in terms of confining or containing domestic cats is Australia.  As the human population grows in America or any other country for that matter there will be greater pressure to confine domestic cats.

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Note: sources for news articles are carefully selected but the news is often not independently verified.

Michael Broad

Hi, I'm a 74-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in many jobs including professional photography. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare. If you want to read more click here.

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84 Responses

  1. Geri says:

    Marion County,Florida sucks concerning cats. Yet,when dogs run amuck and come into your yard and attack or kill your animals nothing is done. Talk about a bias. By law,dogs are also to be leashed or contained.So,I no longer play nice and try to reason with those useless dog owners.Enough said.

    • LRThompkins says:

      It is mandatory by law in nearly every, if not every, state to shoot any dog on sight that is seen harassing wildlife. Even during hunting season unless that dog is under the direct supervision of the hunter. This is why feral dog-packs are a rarity in most rural areas. They are SHOT before things get that bad.

      I keep a paintball-gun loaded with red-pellets for any stray dogs. Stings enough to teach a teachable dog, and leaves a nice signal on their coat. The first time they get the paintball gun (and MAYBE a 2nd time too if they seem to be a well-mannered dog). If that doesn’t teach the owner and alert them to what could have REALLY (and legally) happened to their dog, then sadly nobody is learning anything — so out comes the rifle the next time their dog is seen chasing wildlife.

      This is why you rarely hear news of feral-dog-packs in rural areas. Everyone knows to do their civic and moral duty.

      Though cats aren’t so easily forgiven. From past experience of 15 years of trying to reason with useless and demented cat-lic*ers it has been proved to me, beyond any doubt left in the known universe, that it does absolutely no good whatsoever to try to reason or educate them, so out comes the rifle on the first sighting of ANY cat. Nobody has the time to put up with a cat-lic*er’s manipulative BS, nonsense, deceptions, and lies. I most certainly learned that — the hard way (at the loss of countless thousands of native wildlife that their cats tortured to death for their cats’ play-toys).

      People who actually care about their animals in rural areas keep them supervised and confined. And as mature adults we also take full responsibility for the lives of our animals. If they die, by ANY means, then that is our own faults and our faults alone. Like any respectable adult would behave and believe about any lives in their care. If someone would shoot a dog of mine because they had to, I would even apologize to that person for putting them in that difficult situation, THEN grieve the loss of a loved pet — for it having been MY fault.

      You can tell who actually loves their pets in rural areas — their pets are still alive.

      Do you love your pets? If someone is in a situation where they feel the need to shoot it, then clearly you don’t give one damn about that 100% expendable pet of yours. Your pet then DESERVES to die — if for no other reason than to make you grow-up into a responsible and respectable adult at long-last.

      • Who taught you all this stuff? You Dad? When you were 6 yrs old?

        • LRThompkins says:

          Who taught you how to be an irresponsible and criminally-negligent child all your life? It’s ALWAYS someone else’s fault if your cat dies, isn’t it. Blame everyone but yourself. Yeah, that’s it. That’ll stop your free-roaming vermin from dying. You betcha!

    • I am doing a page on cats outside the home today in Marion County, FL 😉 Wish me luck.

    • Dee (Florida) says:

      The county is still a horror show but a little better since TNR was written into law. I haven’t been fined or harrassed almost daily since then.

  2. Bruce in North Dakota says:

    All and all, some interesting ideas were presented here.

    Spirited (yes, sometimes a bit mean-spirited) discussions, and a mostly civil exchange of ideas and information.

    I like this forum. Thank you, Mr. Broad!

    (don’t forget to turn the lights off!)

    • 🙂 I love your comments. Very dry.

    • LRThompkins says:

      After you’ve now witnessed just how criminally negligent and irresponsible your “Mr. Broad” truly is, I suspect any fondness for this place will dry-up much like your comments. You can now clearly see that Michael really don’t care if any cat lives or dies and is convinced that he is blameless. If you want to do a study in true mental-illness — there is your subject. It’s called being a sociopath. They are incapable of knowing right from wrong. It’s what they are and cannot change that.

  3. Bruce in North Dakota says:

    Yes, but you seem to forget: Kitties are CUTE!

    • Bruce in North Dakota says:

      Sometimes, foaming at the mouth can be a sign of rabies in people, Mr. Thompkins.

      (hint hint hint)

      • Caroline Gifford says:

        OmG, I wish you wouldn’t use pictures of frat boys spilling their milk. Let’s do fratboys with soap foaming on their genitals, instead. God, and let them be bitten by rabid raccoons…poor raccoons, dears.

    • LRThompkins says:

      And isn’t it a shame when humans are so easily manipulated by external appearances (that they themselves bred into cats to trigger their own nurturing instincts, caught in a trap of self-designed onanism to trigger their own instincts (not quite unlike that sci-fi story “The Terminal Man” who was wired with a device to trigger his own pleasure centers, and then eventually died in an overload of self-inflicted bliss)) that they don’t see an animal for what it truly is. In this case invasive-species, disease-ridden, pestilent man-made vermin that destroy the very ecosystem upon which your own lives depend.

      May you drown in a sea of disease infested man-made cats from which you have no conscious escape. That most certainly won’t happen where I live. I see right through “cute” and see things for how they truly are. Not how I wish they were nor will I allow them to manipulate me into how they want me to see them.

      Snap out of it, fool.

      • You need to understand that when people read your comments it is obvious to them that you have a “problem”. Some sort of mental condition. It is probably a form of conditioning trained into you by you father or parents. That is my guess. Your comments indicate that you are slightly mad. Everyone can see that. You need to recognise that sad fact.

  4. LRThompkins says:

    re: “At the very least, be of more benefit to humanity with your actions: Trap ‘em, and give them to the guy down at your local Vietnamese restaurant!”

    Due to all the heinous and deadly diseases that cats carry and spread today, it would be wrong to advise they be used for food or anything in this day and age (even in jest). The risk to anyone dressing them for even the use of their furs today (as they were commonly used in the past) could be deadly to the people involved.

    These are just the diseases cats have been spreading to humans, not counting the ones they spread to all wildlife. THERE ARE NO VACCINES against many of these, and are in-fact listed as bio-terrorism agents. They include: Afipia felis, Anthrax, Bartonella (Rochalimaea) henselae, Bergeyella (Weeksella) zoohelcum, Campylobacter Infection, Cat Scratch Disease, Chlamydia psittaci (feline strain), Cowpox, Coxiella burnetti Infection (Q fever), Cryptosporidium Infection, Cutaneous larva migrans, Dermatophytosis, Dipylidium Infection (tapeworm), Hookworm Infection, Leptospira Infection, Giardia, Neisseria canis, Pasteurella multocida, Plague, Poxvirus, Rabies, Rickettsia felis, Ringworm, Salmonella Infection, Scabies, Sporothrix schenckii, Toxocara Infection, Toxoplasmosis, Trichinosis, Visceral larva migrans, Yersinia pseudotuberculosis. [Centers for Disease Control, July 2010] Bird-Flu, Bovine Tuberculosis, Sarcosporidiosis, Flea-borne Typhus, Tularemia, and Rat-Bite Fever can now also be added to that list.

    When ridding your lands and lives of these highly destructive man-made invasive-species vermin cats please do so in a manner where you can safely and sanitarily retrieve that useless carcass and dispose of it so no other life comes in contact with it. Your wildlife and neighbors will thank you. If using guns, I’d even advise against using a shotgun (the tool of choice in the past), too much disease-filled splatter. Make it clean as possible. Wear gloves while disposing of any cat-carcasses and even bury or burn those gloves too when the last cat in your area is finally gone. You need to dispose of that cat safely and hygienically so that wildlife won’t die from the deadly diseases cats spread even after their death. Leaving ANY cat out in nature, alive OR dead, is no better than intentionally poisoning your native wildlife to death. I know this. I fed one of the hundreds of shot-dead cats on my lands to some wildlife under my care, those animals and their offspring that they had while under my care then died from some disease in that cat-meat. Cats truly are complete and total wastes-of-flesh. They can’t even be used to feed wildlife safely.

  5. LRThompkins says:

    re: “The eradication of these vermin was so complete and effective that cats are non-existent from my area for FIVE years now. Not seen nor heard a single one.”

    To be perfectly truthful, I’ll have to change that to “I shot ONE cat just the other day in all this time.”

    The problem is now again back to zero cats. Lands 100% cat-free for a 1/3rd cent bullet. And with luck, I won’t see another one for 5 years.

    • Dee (Florida) says:

      So, Jim, how well did it all work out for you, in the end, in Galveston when you uprooted and ran with your tail between your legs?
      Do any of the comments noted in this article sound familiar? You are still making the same rants today.

      • LRThompkins says:

        When you finally guess my right name, you’ll win a kewpie doll. Until then, keep on trolling with your psychotic beliefs. I could care less. (And, to tell the truth, it actually helps for you to spread more of your psychotic misinformation, deceptions, and lies. The longer you do the longer you’ll never know who I really am. LOL Not only that, but it consistently proves every last thing that I’ve ever said about any cat-owner — you are a shining example of everything that’s bad about them! LOL)

  6. Bruce in North Dakota says:

    LR, glad you re-entered the fray.

    Kindly forgive my initial misstatement. I was possibly pandering to the crowd, but I believe I cleared it up later in my missive with my statements about the occasional necessity of your actions, and “I personally believe he finds it distressing…”

    As for my personal attacks and insults, you and your momma likely caught my “drift”: it was just a bit ‘o well deserved tit for tat. You cannot deny that you bait some of the folks in the forum with your colorful and descriptive language just a bit!

    I should wish you choose to observe Michael Broad’s directive about refraining from certain phraseology, as to continue being welcome and able to share here.

    Ya gotta admit, you might come across a bit like the comedian George Carlin giving, say, his diatribe on ‘Men who smoke Cigars’ to a Baptist Sunday School class.

    In this case, and in this forum, I am not sure if “shock and awe” is the necessarily the proper strategy. Your emphasis (use of quotation marks) with “cat lovers” when referring to “cat lickers”, as opposed to your mentioning (true) cat lovers sans quotation marks should suffice in the future: I promise you dear LRThomkins, that everyone who sees that term in quotations, in any future post you might make, will understand fully and exactly what you really mean!

    What I like about you already is the passion you feel for the health and safety of poor, discarded or neglected kitties (and that of the community of humans that should indeed truly care for them), and I believe your observations and opinions deserve – at the very least – consideration and discussion here.

    I must, however, draw the line at your apparent willingness to dispatch EVERY furry little ass that happens to cross through your yard! fer chrissakes RL, I let my kats roam, as does every one of my neighbors.

    (except the new girl next door. she keeps her kitties indoors all the time – she must have heard stories of guys like you!)

    At the very least, be of more benefit to humanity with your actions: Trap ’em, and give them to the guy down at your local Vietnamese restaurant!

    (Ohhhhhhhh…. that should cause a stir around here!)

    Thomkins, I really do think that if you can step away from the attacks and some of the rhetoric, you might be a valuable source of information, education and points for discussion within this forum. CNR is not always necessarily the answer, but in many instances, it is.

    (I agree with some of your “finer points”, yet I would also like to see an active CNR program in this little berg I live in!)

    Everyone – you, Michael, me, everyone else, too – needs to understand that there is NO universal answer to the question, dilemma or morality on the issue of euthanizing a kitty or kitties.

    Which is the greater pain that is felt when someone observes a cat starving, feral and sick? Is it the pain they feel in their heart for the poor kitty? or, is it the pain and suffering the poor kitty feels?

    As said: there is no universal solution, there is no answer that fits every situation 100% of the time. PETA is surely not the gawdamned answer, I think everyone agrees that healthy and adoptable kitties deserve to live, and hopefully bring joy to some human heart or family in the future.

    In the meantime, dear LRT – please do consider – instead of dispatching every ‘stray’ [strayed into your yard!] you see, to contenting yourself with sitting on your porch, angrily waving your cane at little kids that cut through your yard on the way to the playground, and yelling “Get offa my lawn, ye little bastards!!!”

    (you might find yourself quite suited for that time-honored hobby!)

    • LRThompkins says:

      Yes, I did notice you changed your tune about any joy in destroying cats, but with the attention-deficit-damaged twitter-heads here who read no more than the first 140-characters of any post, it had to be clarified for them.

      Here is an excerpt from a much lengthier and oft-used post that I use to educate anyone in the world on how to rid their lands of invasive species cats permanently. It will address your “take pity on the fool who might let their cat roam free” stance:

      No trapping program in the world has been able to catch-up to cats’ breeding rates, this is precisely why Trap & Kill failed as well as Trap, Neuter, Re-abandon (TNR) is an even bigger failure. Actively and aggressively hunting them down, employing “Hunted to Extinction” methods, is the ONLY way to get ahead of and stay ahead of cats’ breeding rates, their ability to out-adapt to any trapping method used, and also the rates at which criminally-irresponsible cat-lic*ers let more invasive-species vermin cats be born and dumped illegally outdoors.

      Licensing and laws do nothing to curb the problem. If cats are required to be licensed then these lying, deceitful, manipulative, and conniving cat-lic*ers just stop putting collars on their cats; as they did by me. And they won’t even bother getting them micro-chipped, especially not that. They want absolutely nothing that can hold them legally accountable for their actions and the actions of their cats. We’re not talking about the topmost responsible citizens of the world, you know. They don’t want that responsibility of what they and their cats have done coming back on them. If they had even one iota of a sense of responsibility and respect for all other lives on this planet we wouldn’t even be having these discussions.

      ANY non-native cat that is allowed to illegally hunt our native wildlife where I live then in turn gets hunted until dead. No delays, no excuses, NO EXCEPTIONS. That’s the very best way to keep these invasive species vermin from destroying any more native wildlife or spreading any more of their 3dozen+ deadly diseases to all other animals and humans. They had annihilated all the wildlife on my lands for 15 years, until on advice of the Sheriff I shot and buried every last one of hundreds of their vermin cats for them (AS-IS THE LEGAL RIGHT OF EVERY LAND-OWNER ON EARTH (aside: Yes, EVEN in the UK!)). Collared or not — for you MUST destroy ALL stray collared cats as well, they are the very source of every last feral cat. If you don’t destroy them too then you have done NOTHING to solve the feral cat problem. Guaranteed. All the cat-lic*ers by me told me for over a decade that all their “pet” cats were sterilized. But upon inspection during shooting and burying hundreds of them, NOT ONE of their cats was sterilized. When it comes to their cats, cat-owners are manipulative and deceptive LIARS — one and all.

      …. I don’t see anyone dumping cats where I live anymore. They don’t even adopt more than can be kept under lock & key 24/7/52. When driving through the area I don’t see even one cat on anyone’s doorsteps anymore. I always keep an eye-out to see if there are more free-roaming cats that will have to be shot. And if I’ll have to leave fish-oil trails on all the roadsides again, leading right to my IR surveillance system and laser-sighted rifle. (You can read the most effective methods I invented to rid my lands of hundreds of these vermin in only two seasons: americanhunter D0T org SLASH blogs/arkansas-will-trap-feral-cats The eradication of these vermin was so complete and effective that cats are non-existent from my area for FIVE years now. Not seen nor heard a single one. So much for that cat-lic*ers’ oft-spewed and manipulative “vacuum effect” deception and lie too, eh?)

      Leaving ANY of their invasive species cats outside in my area means certain death for their cat, its further existence can be counted in hours. You’d think everyone else could learn from this simple lesson. The quickest way to solve an unwanted animal and irresponsible pet-owner problem is to let everyone know that you will quickly and humanely destroy every last one of their unwanted, uncared-for, or unsupervised animals for them. They either grow up fast or, far more plausible, dump their animals elsewhere to become someone else’s problem.

      You just can’t be an enabler of criminally irresponsible spineless and heartless idiots — or they remain that way. (At least where you live, anyway.)


      • Do you think humankind generally is criminally negligent in respect of the destruction of the planet’s resources and wildlife?

        • LRThompkins says:

          What a silly question to ask. YOU are living-proof of that.

          Do you want me to repost that lengthy treatise on all the wildlife that is dying around the world from your cats? Even killing off rare marine-mammals, even whales from your cats’ parasites? Worse than any oil-spill in history or could even be imagined.

          Really? You need a refresher course in that to show you how YOU YOURSELF are destroying countless billions of native animals around the globe with your “let cats roam free if they want” stance.

          Are you aware that is now a steep monetary fine in some locations in California if people are found illegally dumping their cat-litter anywhere but an environmentally-contained land-fill?

          At least some of them are finally catching on. When will you?

      • Dee (Florida) says:

        Let’s rewrite:


        • LRThompkins says:

          I hate and despise criminally-negligent and criminally-irresponsible pet-owners, but I have never hated cats. Though to be perfectly honest, I find all other animals on earth now far more worthy of my respect and admiration after what I’ve been through with cat-lic*ers and all their vermin pestilent cats. I had to legally shoot and bury literally hundreds of these invasive-species vermin to stop them from gutting-alive and skinning-alive the last of the native wildlife on my lands. Apparently gutting-alive and skinning-alive animals with everyone’s vermin cats, tortured to death just for their cats’ play-toys, no other reason, is perfectly acceptable to you. Yeah, you’re a fine upstanding “animal-lover” who respects all other lives around you and all other life on earth, aren’t you.

          Destroying cats is neither hating cats nor a fear of cats.

          Why do mentally-unbalanced and psychotic cat-advocates always presume that if someone is removing a highly destructive, deadly disease spreading, human-engineered invasive-species from the native habitat to restore it back into natural balance that they must hate that organism? Does someone who destroys Zebra Mussels, Kudzu, African Cichlids, Burmese Pythons, or any of the other myriad destructive invasive-species in the USA or elsewhere have some personal problem with that species? (Many of which are escaped PETS that don’t even spread any harmful diseases, unlike cats.) Your ignorance and blatant biases are revealed in your declaring that people who destroy cats must somehow hate or fear cats. Nothing could be further from the truth.

          It is people who let a destructive invasive-species roam free that tortures-to-death all other wildlife, wasted for their cats’ play-toys, that have zero respect for ALL life. They don’t even care about their cats dying a slow torturous death from exposure, animal attacks, diseases, starvation, dehydration, becoming road-kill, environmental poisons, etc., the way that ALL stray cats suffer to death. They don’t even respect their fellow human being. This speaks more than volumes about your disgusting character. People like you should be locked up in prison for life for your cruelty to all animals, cruelty to your own cats as well as all the native wildlife that you let your cats skin alive or disembowel alive for their and your entertainment. If you let cats roam free you are violating every animal-abandonment, animal-neglect, animal-endangerment, and invasive-species law in existence.

          If people do hate cats today, have LEARNED to hate cats today, you have nobody but yourself and everyone just like you to blame. YOU are the reason people are now realizing that all excess cats must be destroyed on-site and on-sight. You’ve done so much to make people care about cats, haven’t you. If you want to do something about it, direct your sadly and sorely misplaced energies at those that are causing the problem, not at those who are actually solving it AND HAVE SOLVED IT 100% by hunting them to extinction (or extirpation in the case of these man-made cats) — the ONLY method that works on an invasive vermin species like cats that out-breed and out-adapt to ANY trapping method known to man.

          THIS IS YOUR FAULT and THE FAULT OF EVERYONE JUST LIKE YOU. You have NOBODY but yourselves to blame.

          You can take that all the way to the very last shot-dead cat’s grave.

          You are aware too, aren’t you, that out of ALL types of pet-owners on the face of this earth, that cat-owners are directly responsible for the suffering deaths of more animals and more species of animals than any other pet-owners on the planet. Cat-owners are a triple-threat to all animal life on earth. If not having animals killed for their own consumption, then they are having animals killed and crammed into bags and cans and having a “CAT FOOD” label slapped on them for their cat’s consumption, and if they let their cats outside then they are senselessly torturing billions of native animals and countless thousands of native species to death yearly just for their cats’ play-toys. As well as the countless BILLIONS of offspring of all those animals that are either starved to death or never get born. How many animals are you going to have senselessly killed or tortured today for your entertainment and your wholly and purely self-serving “but cats make me feel good!” values?

    • LRThompkins says:

      Do you think it’s okay if you let your cattle or horses roam free too? How about your dogs that will run deer? Where it is the civic duty of anyone to shoot a dog that is hunting without being under the control of the owner during hunting season and any other time of the year. NO OTHER DOMESTICATED ANIMAL ON EARTH IS ALLOWED TO ROAM FREE — NEITHER ARE YOUR ECOSYSTEM-DESTROYING CATS.

      Keep them on your own land or you lose them permanently. SIMPLE as that.


        What about the human animal? 😉 We roam free. We are domesticated and we are extremely destructive of wildlife and other human animals.

        • LRThompkins says:

          Humans are allowed to roam free if they do not wantonly destroy all of nature around them. There are many environmental laws in place and huge agencies to stop ignorant and destructive humans from doing whatever they want to all the lands and life around them. Or haven’t you heard of that yet. Apparently not, or you wouldn’t try yet another red-herring argument to twist your mind away from your destructive pestilent cats. “Red-herring”, the favored canned-food of every last criminally irresponsible cat-li**er on earth.

          • Dee (Florida) says:

            Term from one of the articles written about you, Jim.

          • I think you are living on a different planet. Most of the virgin forest on the planet is being cut down killing millions of animals including rare and endangered species. One example: populations of migrating birds from the UK are being decimated (70% destroyed) because the forests in central Africa are being logged for wood and to make way for palm oil plantations. In most African and Asian countries (where most wildlife still remains) there is little or no protection for wild species or their habitat. Humankind is in a different league to any other species when it comes to sheer destructiveness of life.

            America and Europe destroyed their large wildlife 200-100 years ago! Asia is following 😉

      • Dee (Florida) says:

        “Where it is the civic duty of anyone to shoot a dog that is hunting without being under the control of the owner during hunting season and any other time of the year.”

        Where I live, Jim, hunting dogs are exempt from free-roaming laws and having to be under direct control during hunting season. And, it’s not OK for them to be shot unless they pose a significant threat.
        I don’t agree that dogs shouldn’t have to be under direct control or what the dogs are used for, but that’s the law.

  7. LRThompkins says:

    re: “I will start with the following caveat: the “joy” with which he professes his penchant for shooting kitties (or popping their little heads under his boot) is nothing short of a psychotic rant,…”

    Apparently I wasn’t clear enough with you. There is NO JOY in having to shoot cats. It’s a disgusting job that MUST be done. There is even LESS joy to be found in having to stomp some poor animal to death to hush its torment from it having just been skinned-alive or disemboweled alive and left screeching and writhing on the ground as an abandoned cats’ play-toy. If you think having to muster-up the unfathomable and immeasurable strength-of-heart it takes to have to stomp an animal to death to stop its torment and suffering from a cat-attack is in ANY WAY enjoyable, then I surmise you are merely projecting your own deep and dark deranged values — for those most certainly are not mine.

    Though there is joy in experiencing the reactions of those criminally negligent cat-lickers who just lost the lives of their cats through their own faults — 100% deserved. You should have heard the cat-lickers by me, walking up and down the roads for days calling out the names of their most favorite ones AFTER they knew all their cats were being shot to death. I told them, the Sheriff told them, they heard all their cats being shot to death, and still they did nothing to reign-in their cats — not even their most favorite ones. Too bad so sad!! In fact they even adopted MORE cats to let roam free after all their other hundreds of cats were already shot to death. (This is why it took a full two seasons to be rid of every last one in the area.) You tell me that people like that don’t deserve to have their own animals die right in front of them? They deserved the death of every last one of their cats. As does ANYONE who lets a cat roam free today.

    • LRThompkins says:

      BTW: In case you or anyone are curious — the term that I use of “cat licker” is justifiably and accurately gleaned from the growing fad of people who are obsessed with cats and want to do everything possible to make their cats feel good at the expense of all that is reasonable and sane. They are now licking their cats clean. youtube D0T com SLASH watch?v=p9xmiOxsTWg

      It’s just another one of the many aberrant and mentally-ill behaviors of “cat lickers”.

      I cannot, in all good conscience and honesty, EVER use the term “cat lover” again to describe these heartless and spineless cretins. People who love cats do not throw them under the wheels of moving cars, let them lap-up antifreeze in a gutter, being eaten from the inside-out by parasites, or force them to attack one another to fight for territory by letting their cats roam free. One of the main selling points of TNR: forcing their cats to fight, often to the death, for territory. Absolutely NO different than people who run criminal dog-fight rings to see who wins. Both just as guilty of animal abuse. There are many laws in place in every county of every state that make it a highly punishable crime to force ANY domesticated animals to fight each other for their very survival.

      “Cat Lover” is an extremely oxymoronic label. “Cat Licker” is the only one that accurately works today.

      • There is one person who licks her cats and she is a bit crazy in my opinion so please don’t quote that as a norm.

        • LRThompkins says:

          Oh, only “a bit crazy” in your eyes. LOL

          Guess what that makes you?


          • Bruce in North Dakota says:

            Humans with hairballs are NOT “sick”.

            They simply have a “medical condition”.

            (give ’em some slack, LR: no one here is making fun of your “medical condition”!)

            /bruce snickers

    • You’ll stop using the term “cat-lickers”. If you use it again you’re banned permanently. It is grossly insulting and incorrect and don’t argue that point. If you argue that point you’re banned permanently.

  8. Bruce in North Dakota says:

    This is going to sound a bit out of character for someone who loves kats like I do, but there IS a certain logic to a few of the claims made by LRThompkins.

    I will start with the following caveat: the “joy” with which he professes his penchant for shooting kitties (or popping their little heads under his boot) is nothing short of a psychotic rant, and I mean that, dear LRThompkins. You should consider some serious, long-term psychiatric treatment for whatever disorder you garnered from YOUR MOMMA!!!

    But some the issues he raises – and personally relates to – are actually quite legit: in certain circumstances, sometimes, the culling (yes, I mean killing) of an entire cat population, or even a single animal, is warranted – sad and cruel as that may seem.

    I, too, must confess to subscribing to similar policy when one is talking about “the farm”. The cold and dispassionate “dispatch” of some animals simply becomes a necessity, and by virtue of a farm (being a farm, is a way of life.

    “The Farm” (is this neck ‘o the woods, they are “The Ranch” is by design, industry, economy, and necessity a true “killing field”, and before anyone jumps on me and claims “that is why I am a vegetarian!” please know I have heard wheat actually sing happy songs in the wind, and seen sunflowers, barley, and (especially) corn dance and sing, and we kill at eat them, too.

    When some “do-gooder” kat fancier (I am being crass with that, DO NOT misinterpret me please!!!) finds that dropping off Fluffy out near a farmhouse is a better idea (read: “free” alternative) to taking Fluffy to a proper rescue kennel, and justifies it with “Fluffy can live the life a cat was meant to live, eating mice, birds and small rodents!”, they really have just handed that dear little animal a death warrant.

    Fluffy is going to become hungry, dehydrated, sick, miserable, and likely injured in very, VERY short order. When you see an owl or hawk drop a kicking and screaming Fluffy from about 100 feet in the air just to quiet down “dinner”, like I have, you will understand my anger with such people.

    Thompkins immediate dispatch of Fluffy from his front porch, at first cry and hue and discovery of the poor animal, and his well-placed rifle shot is actually a human kindness that few others can stomach, but it a kindness none the less.

    I personally believe he finds it distressing, and his banter actually reflects that. His apparent anger with people on this website is actually a bit well-founded, sorry to say, kids.

    Thompkins couches his argument with a colorful language and insultiveness that leads me to believe he is petting a wonderful, fat old kat in his lap, whilst drinking cheap whiskey for breakfast and getting his kicks by offending sensibilities WORLD-WIDE.

    (Hey, buddy – you do the “offending sensibilities” like a true master, by the way. A tip ‘o the hat from me on that!)

    I hope I do not come across as sounding like Thompkins. But I must agree with his fat, drunk, sweaty ass on more than a few items he addressed.

    HIS kitty is likely so precious to him, as are the other animals he may have, love, and then eat that he does what necessity dictates he do to protect them, himself, and his likely livelihood.

    He is also protecting his neighbors, his neighbors children, the environment, and the community at large.

    Beyond the delightful psychotic rant he is so good at, his observations and arguments are near one hundred percent valid. In the good ‘ol USA, using a gun to protect one’s self, family, property, livelihood and whatever one holds dear is not an extremist point of view, it is a valuable, traditional and sometimes very necessary – yet always distasteful – way of life.

    Thomkins did not find himself on this website exchanging ideas and maybe “stirring the pot” a bit because he is a cat hater, I believe I can assure you of that. Like everyone else here, he likely found this website while looking for information to assist him in the care and comfort of his own dear pet(s).

    Now that I have adequately insulted his mother, I can give him the long-due compliment he likely did not think he would find on this site (and I hope it does not get me banned, dear Michael!).

    In the USA, we have a “Pink Ribbon” Breast Cancer Awareness scam that does indeed do a bit of good in doing just what they claim: “raise awareness”. October is “Pink Ribbon Month” here, too.

    Thompkins just might deserve his own “Pink Ribbon” (blue in this case!) of sorts, for raising – right here, on this website – an awareness of a threat of disease, malignancy, and general suffering of both people AND cats that a sometimes misplaced no-kill policy can harbor.

    (and possibly for raising an awareness of some specific mental health issues, too!)

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I present Mr. Thompkins to you, with his well-deserved award ribbon:

    (Com’mon LR, take the bait)

  9. Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

    What about when all the cats have gone Woody and YOU have caused another plague spread by rodents because there were no cats to keep them under control. YOU will have caused human beings to die horribly.
    Mind you some of them like you deserve to!
    Cats have a purpose on this earth, only the devil knows what your purpose is Midden Man.

    • LRThompkins says:

      My rifle has remained loaded and ready to fire right beside my front door for 5 years now. Because not ONE cat has been seen in all this time (since the 2 seasons it took to shoot and bury literally hundreds of them). The eradication of them was that complete and effective. But lo and behold, right on cue, and required to prove my point — a cat showed-up outside the door last night about 2am.

      I remember what you people had said, and I thought, “AH, here’s one for Ruth, Michael, & Dee!!!” Bang, shot dead with one shot (as always). Thanks for convincing me why I must pull that trigger! In fact it’s still laying out there, I haven’t bothered to go bury it yet. But was going to do just that after checking the replies here.

      When there are no cats to shoot the rifle will be retired. But as long as you keep advocating for free-roaming cats that rifle remains loaded and resting beside the door. (And for good reason, as last night’s cats proved 100%.)

      Keep advocating for free-roaming cats, that rifle will always be ready to stop your blatantly irresponsible and cat-hating nonsense.

      Like I said! If you don’t want people to shoot your 100%-expendable and unwanted garbage-cats for you, then don’t let them roam free! If you don’t want to take care of them then why do you expect someone who doesn’t even want cats will take care of them for you? A total waste of everyone’s time and lives. That’s the ONLY THING that stops cats from being shot to death — stop letting the roam free. Haven’t you figured that out yet? (Of course not, you’re all just that phenomenally stupid and self-delusionally psychotic.)

    • LRThompkins says:

      Oh, one other thing:

      Please explain to the class how an animal, the domesticated cat in this case, which is perfectly capable of carrying and transmitting the plague all on its own could have prevented the plague in Europe.

      For just one of the earlier examples of hundreds in the last 3 decades: “Cat-transmitted fatal pneumonic plague in a person who traveled from Colorado to Arizona” (1994 July) ncbi D0T nlm D0T nih D0T gov SLASH pubmed/8059908

      Yes, the plague is alive and well today, and BEING SPREAD BY CATS — all three forms of it; septicemic, bubonic, and pneumonic. Many people have already died from cat-transmitted plague in the USA.

      Google for: Oregon man suffering plague; or: Taos cat has plague; or: (hundreds of others).

      Totally disproving that oft-spewed LIE cat-lickers love to tell about having more cats in Europe could have prevented the plague. No rats nor fleas even required if you have cats around. Cats themselves carry and transmit the plague all on their own. Now add in the fact that cats attract rodents right to them if the cats infect the rodents with their Toxoplasma gondii parasite ( scitizen D0T com SLASH neuroscience/parasite-hijacks-the-mind-of-its-host_a-23-509 D0T html ), and you’ll see a plague the likes of which have never existed before. Especially when you breed super-strains of plague with your overuse and irresponsible use of antibiotics.

      If a cat contracts the plague from any flea or other animal, it then spreads it to all other cats in its colony, other animals that come in contact with them, or any humans that come in contact with them. Hence: no fleas nor rats required after the initial infection. The very act of a cat killing a plague carrying rat will actually cause the cat to contract the plague from the rat or its fleas and spread it to those that come in contact with it. There is ZERO advantage to having a cat kill a plague-carrying rodent. And in fact, much disadvantage, the cat then bringing the plague right to everyone’s doors.

      The plague in Europe was actually spread the most by human to human transmission. The distance and speed with which it spread cannot be accounted for by fleas, rats, nor cats. But they ALL played their parts in transmitting it to humans initially.

      This doesn’t give ignorant, manipulative, and deceptive cat-lickers any kind of license whatsoever to run around screaming their scare-mongering tactic of, “IF WE DON’T LET CATS ROAM FREE WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE OF THE PLAGUE!” When, IN FACT, the absolute reverse of that could come to pass.

      abcd-vets D0T org SLASH Guidelines/Pages/EN-Other-Zoonoses-Feline-Plague D0T aspx

      “Recommendations to avoid zoonotic transmission

      Cats are considered the most important domestic animal involved in plague transmission to humans, and in endemic areas, outdoor cats may transmit the infection to their owners or to persons caring for sick cats (veterinarians and veterinary nurses).”

      Spread some more of your manipulative lies and ignorance. Another person who is more intelligent than you will make you look like the blathering cat-licking fool that you are.

      • Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

        I can’t be bothered to read your repetitive predictable rants Woody, I’ve got much better things to do. How I pity you for the bitter twisted life you live and don’t forget that Karma will catch up with you one day.

        • LRThompkins says:

          Yes, stick your head up your ass so you can remain blissfully ignorant. As long as you do that I’ll always have cats to shoot — in your honor and bliss-ninny’s self-inflicted ignorance. LOL

          I worry about cat-lickers who believe in Karma while they criminally and irresponsibly and negligently let their cats roam free to die hundreds of inhumane ways. You know, covered in all those laws that were written to prevent you fools from doing things like killing their own animals from animal-neglect, animal-endangerment, and animal-abandonment. Many times facing long prison sentences for doing so. Laws written to save your own animals from the torture inflicted on them by criminally negligent people JUST LIKE YOU. Your cats’ deaths are your OWN faults for doing so. Make no mistake about that.

          But here’s why they need to really worry. If cat-lickers truly believe in Karma, maybe they’ll be skinned-alive or gutted-alive someday, then left to writhe and scream in agony with their own skins pulled-up over their heads — EXACTLY what they allow their man-made invasive species vermin do to all our valuable native animals, wasted just for their cats’ play-toys. Then they could hope their screams can draw the attention of someone with the strength of heart to put them out of their misery. Just like I had to do to all the thousands of native wildlife on my lands that local cat-lickers tortured to death with their cats. Their screeching in torment in my woods calling my attention, and my then being forced to stomp those poor suffering animals to death with my own boot to hush their agony and torment caused by their piece-of-sh** cat that just ran off from it’s screeching “toy”. Have you ever felt and heard the sound of a small animal’s skull pop beneath your foot to hush it from screeching and writhing in torment after a cat-attack? You waste-of-flesh cat-lickers need to experience that — EVERY DAY — FOR YEARS. Just like had to do nearly every day for TWO DECADES. Maybe then you’d “get it”. You’d finally comprehend the senseless torture of all animals, INCLUDING the torture of your own cats, that you bring upon this planet and all life on it. My woods and driveways used to be lined with the senseless carnage of writhing in misery “cats’ toys” nearly every morning and afternoon. Maybe it’s your turn for that.

          May the cat-lickers who believe in karma hope like heII that I’m not the one to hear their screams for help after something has karmically gutted them alive or skinned them alive. I’d just leave them there to thoroughly learn their much-deserved lesson at long-last, not even risk dirtying my boots with their unused gray-matter.

          I’d just keep on walking — to a far far better day.

          If you want to stop the senseless torture and cruel deaths of thousands of defenseless and innocent animals and all their offspring, you must begin with destroying any one stray invasive-species disease-infested vermin cat.

          You have NOBODY BUT YOURSELVES to blame for this one!

          • Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

            Sigh..I’ve been notified you’ve replied again…I told you Woody I am not reading your repetitive predictable rants, so stop wasting your time, you have nothing to say which interests me at all.

            • LRThompkins says:

              That’s okay. By you NOT reading that, that only guarantees that I’ll have more cats to shoot. Should I thank you? I’ll most certainly name them in your honor, if that’ll make you feel better.

          • You don’t expect people to actually read your endless rants do you? After the first three lines you know what’s coming and boredom kicks in. Shut down follows rapidly.

            • LRThompkins says:

              Too funny. You claim to care about cats, and then you won’t even read a few paragraphs to explain why every last one of your free-roaming cats must be shot to death and ARE being shot to death.

              Proving all along that you don’t give one sh** about ANY cats at all! If you couldn’t make money from them you’d euthanize them with your own two hands. LOL

              remainder deleted….

              • The obvious reason why I won’t read your diatribes is because you constantly repeat yourself. You say the same thing so I know what is in the comment 😉 Therefore why read it?

              • LRThompkins says:

                All your blatantly lame excuses aside — we all await your truncated and twitter-brained version of how everyone can prevent their cats being shot to death, poisoned from antifreeze in a gutter or rat-poison under someone’s steps, or ran over by a car if they truly care about the life of cats.

                But of course, you will NEVER provide that. Because you too, just as every last cat-licker who visits your site, doesn’t care how ANY cat dies! The only thing you care about is how you can exploit them to line your own pockets. We have tomes of proof of that!


            • Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

              Exactly Michael, why bother to read the same old rants time after time, he is so predictable we could write them for him lol

    • Dee (Florida) says:

      Get a great big plunger.
      He keeps coming to the surface.

  10. LRThompkins says:

    Here’s what really makes me laugh. You people are trying to insult and threaten the very people who have loaded guns aimed and ready to fire at your cats. Don’t you realize that you are only pulling the trigger by doing so?


    Every time I’ve had to shoot a cat, I only remember fondly why that cat MUST die, from something I read on this forum. 🙂

    And still you don’t learn. LOL

    • If you have learned to shoot cats dead because of what is on this forum you are turning the world upside-down. You’re logic is as distorted as your arguments. You really need to look at what you think very objectively and reassess. The truth is you hate cats and like shooting them and you like shooting animals generally no doubt. You’ve probably got several guns and you have been raised by a father who is as sick in mind as you.

  11. LRThompkins says:

    Hint, people are NOT going to stop destroying your CLEARLY EXPENDABLE free-roaming cats for you. You don’t care if they live or die, and others care even less. The ONLY thing that stops free-roaming cats from dying by gunshot, traffic, environmental-poisons, animal-attacks, etc. IS TO STOP LETTING CATS ROAM FREE.

    If you care about cats you don’t let them roam free. If you don’t care about cats, just keep proving it to everyone by letting them roam free. Then cry your fake tears for how it died, knowing full-well that it was 100% your fault to begin with. Your tears and anguish mean nothing, we all know that’s just an act. You didn’t want that cat to live anyway. If you did, you would have protected it from all harms to begin with.

    We ALL see right through your little self-victimization manipulation song & dance today.

    Love ’em or lose ’em!

    Bottom line: If you don’t want to take care of your cat in the manner that YOU see fit, then I guarantee you that I WILL take care of your cat in the manner that I see fit — ONE TIME. And it only takes one time. See one, shoot one, A.S.A.P. Simple as that.

    If your cat gets hurt or dies, THAT’S YOUR FAULT. Make NO mistake about that!


    PSA: The time is now …. Half-Past Kill-Kitty O’Clock …. do you know where your piece-of-sh**, disease-infested, invasive species, vermin cat is? If not, grab a shovel and I’ll show you where its new “loving forever-home” is now.

    • Dee (Florida) says:

      Do you know where your mite infested, sh-t on my car birdies are?
      I do.

    • There are irresponsible cat owners who let their cats wander in places which are dangerous – agreed. But there are safe places for cats to wander outside. You want to shoot all cats that are outside and try and justify your cruel and distorted behaviour by blaming irresponsible cat owners.

      You’d do better by advocating and promoting responsible cat ownership which is more positive and less destructive. You are a cruel person.

  12. LRThompkins says:

    Basic common-sense: If you don’t care if your cat gets ran over by a car, attacked by other cats or larger predators, laps-up antifreeze in some gutter, or some rat-poison placed under someone’s dumpster; then you don’t care if your expendable “pet” cat gets shot to death either. Everyone who sees free-roaming cats then applies the same level of concern for your cat as you do. It’s better to humanely shoot it to death than let it die any of the other inhumane ways that it will eventually die. They are doing the irresponsible cat-owner and their cat a huge favor by humanely shooting it to death.

    • Another load a bullshit from Woody. Your logic is so mixed up. There is a massive difference between a cat accidentally being hurt or killed to being deliberately shot. Also the examples you cite (antifreeze etc.) are often put down deliberately. These things make a mockery of your pathetically ill-thought out argument.

      • LRThompkins says:

        And yet, you STILL know that your free-roaming cat is NEVER going to life a long life because it WILL eventually die any of those ways. Yet you still let it roam free. That’s because, no matter how much you claim to the contrary, you really don’t care about the life of that cat nor any cat. You only use them to manipulate everyone around you.

        “Words may give weight, but actions give luster. And many more people see than weigh.”

        Are you going to throw a diamond-ring out into the streets and then whine about what happens to it? Are you going to tell a child to go play in the freeway and then whine about how it’s the fault of the traffic that your child got hit by a car?

        It is YOUR logic that is going to ensure that millions more cats are shot to death this year. And you’re not going to do a thing about it. You’re just going to blame those that shoot them, rather than grow-up into a responsible human and start to tell people to stop throwing their cats in the front of loaded guns.

        YOUR FAULT! Sleep well. 🙂

        • Dee (Florida) says:

          “Are you going to throw a diamond-ring out into the streets and then whine about what happens to it? Are you going to tell a child to go play in the freeway and then whine about how it’s the fault of the traffic that your child got hit by a car?”

          And, whose fault will it be when you finally get a jail sentence that sticks, Jim? The cats? Surely, not YOU.
          Whose fault is it when you hang bird feeders or throw bird feed out in the yard to attract birds and they are killed by a cat, fox, raccoon? NOT YOU, ofcourse.

        • You are bundling all outdoor cats together. This is very poor thinking. Many outdoor cats are perfectly safe and they content and long lives. Your thinking reflects a highly dogmatic and unenlightened mind.

  13. LRThompkins says:

    Of course cats are allowed to roam free in some areas. Because there have been no laws passed against it, nobody has found a reason to pass laws against it. In those areas people are allowed to legally destroy any cat on their property that is roaming free. In those municipalities nobody has ever found a need to pass laws against free-roaming cats. The cat-“lover” just eventually learns that any free-roaming cat is a dead cat. Why waste everyone’s time when a 1/3-cent to 5-cent bullet teaches the cat-“lover” all about respect for all others and being a responsible adult with just one inexpensive application? They either grow-up into responsible and respectable adults or they just keep letting their cats get killed until they do. No laws required.

  14. Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

    It’s all very puzzling to me having different laws in the different states or cities of America, because here, as far as I know, every law covers the whole of England.
    I’m thinking of declawing being banned in 8 Californian Cities, yet legal everywhere else, how can it be so cruel that it’s banned in some places yet not in others? The very fact that it is banned or considered inhumane in 39 countries and those 8 cities surely proves it should be banned throughout the entire country.

  15. Dee (Florida) says:

    It’s all just a big mess when counties and cities within start implementing laws.

    All I can really say is that I had to pay a $1080.00 fine 4 years ago because I had cats off of my property. The fine was $54.00 per cat.They “guesstimated 20 when most weren’t even mine. A subsequent “offense” would have meant a court appearance.
    We all know how that would have turned out. No cats, mucho money…

      • Michele S. says:

        Dee, sorry to hear you incurred such a heavy fine.

        What cruel irony that you and other cat owners are subjected to the full extent of the law, but those who abuse animals often get away with little more than a smack on the wrist.

        The CFA article was a very interesting read, thanks for providing the link. As well as having no leash laws here in the UK, we also fortunate that the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds clearly state on their web site that there’s no scientific evidence to suggest that predation by cats is having any effect on bird populations UK wide. If their respected opinion were to change in the future, then perhaps like Australia, we might have to consider confinement laws in parts of the country

  16. NANCY SCHWOPE says:

    I am lucky to live in a small town and I live in the country. My cats that want to go out get to go out and the ones that never want to get out get to stay in. But at night I want them all to stay in.When the weather is too cold or too hot or too rainy,no one wants out.My cats have the best of both worlds.Right now I have 7 senior cats and one is 2 years old.

  17. Susan says:

    Different areas have different laws. Laws for the County of Los Angeles CA are different from laws for the City of Los Angeles, which is part of that County. In many rural areas cats are considered vermin. Where I live, people routinely call animal control to pick up free-roaming cats, even if they know where the cat resides. There is a great deal of controversy over this as many people feel that it is cruel to keep a cat indoors but IMO the dangers outdoors (mostly human in nature including vehicular traffic) far outweigh any perceived unfairness or indignity to the cat. When I lived in Los Angeles my cats were not allowed outdoors. Now that I live on the other side of the country in a rural town, two of them go outside but the third, after being gone for several days, no longer wants to leave the house.

  18. Michele S. says:

    Very interesting topic Michael and I’m curious to hear what others have to say.

    It’s a subject which is hotly debated on many forums and I’ve read comments stating that the second your cat steps off your property it’s classed as stray and fair game for re-homing by anyone who takes a liking to it. Unless cats are not defined as “property” in the US as they are in the UK, I’m sure that cannot be correct. (I’ve never seen that comment backed up with any supporting legislation, local or otherwise.)

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