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  1. Though cats are my favorite and most beloved species (yes, including humans) and I believe all animals, those I love and those I don’t, were created by a Power far more knowledgeable and wise than we could ever comprehend, I don’t believe anthropomorphizing (applying human traits to those of other species) helps anyone understand or live in harmony with the other living beings with whom we share our planet. That said, animals do exhibit stress behaviors of various kinds when kept in captivity; and I do not advocate non-domesticated animals being kept in captivity, especially in the hands of those whose purpose in keeping them is to exploit them. It’s my understanding that domestic cats decided to live with us for reasons which we don’t totally understand. I’m okay with that as I don’t believe it is possible or even desirable for us to try to know everything. As for cats seeking out human affection, that’s a no-brainer to anyone who has ever loved cats! But all cat species share certain traits, though I do not agree with the popular mainstream idea that cats exist to hunt, catch and kill, or that they are bloodthirsty predators. They need to survive, and they fulfill that need either by being fed by us, or by catching their own prey. They do not kill for the sake of killing; that dubious “honor” goes to humankind.

  2. I have to agree that the study has flaws. Living with cats here has taught me so much over the years. Our cats are highly social creatures and VERY predatory. Our cats see us and family. When Sabu was with us he was very territorial and made it plain that I was his and no one eases. He blocked people from getting near me and was the alpha in the apartment. He forcibly patrolled the apartment and, unfortunately, sometimes marked territory. The girls here are the predators, as they are in a lion pride. Everything is prey including us when they play. Since moving to the apartment, there is nothing to hunt. The old house had mice. We have stepped up enrichment for them with feather fliers and boxes with toys inside that they can “Hunt.” If you understand your cats you know that they need their wild side exercised. Interesting article and study. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Tiger behavior and genetics (in the wild) have not been altered by the intervention of humans. They kill only to feed their own. Whereas the domesticated cat, after centuries of being selectively bred by humans, were genetically selected and designed by humans to kill anything that moves around their own lands. Those which stayed around humans and killed all small animals whether the cats were hungry or not were encouraged to breed to make more of their kind with those specific behaviors and traits. Those that didn’t support the needs of humans were destroyed and those genetic lines ended there.

    Tigers (in the wild) kill the weak, the slow, the sick to feed themselves; thus ensuring survival-of-the-fittest of all other species in their environment.

    The domestic cat kills anything that moves for its tortured play-toys; whether that prey animal is weak, slow, sick or not; whether the cat is hungry or not; and does nothing to ensure the survival-of-the-fittest for all other species that it preys upon.

    Cats are as good for the survival-of-the-fittest of all the species it preys upon in nature as much as rat-poison or any other man-made poison is good to ensure the fittest of the species. Those man-made things also kill any living thing, whether that living thing is the best genetic representative of its species or not. Cats are as good for nature as an uncapped bottle of DDT.

    If you can’t comprehend this 3rd-grade grammar-school level explanation of how the natural world works and how your human-engineered selectively-bred cats are destroying the natural world, then you need to remove yourself from the human race and from nature itself.

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