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Are emotional support animals service animals? — 4 Comments

  1. The ADA on service animals was written at a time when most SD were seeing eye and a few other specific functions it has since been exploited to include everything including fraud due to the limitations placed on landlords and merchants on accessibility. The easy fix is to require a registration like the one for handicapped parking that discloses no personal information except the right to use the parking or a SA.
    My dear friend has an ESA cat and her lease clearly states only one. If she adds another she could be evicted.

    • Yes, for me it would have been sensible for the Act to have assisted your friend. I think it is an oversight.

      • They did Micheal. Her doctor gave her the Rx for an ESA and the landlord complied and then limited it to the one cat she had. The housing she has a no pets policy. The system worked.
        When someone owns a house and wants to circumvent the animals per household rule they can usually buy a kennel licence. If you are renting landlords/owners have a right to protect their investment. While they may be required to allows service and ESA they don’t have to allow property to be destroyed. I believe in protecting everyone’s rights.

        • Agreed – it is a balancing act. But landlords can take a bigger than usual deposit to protect their property.

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