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Are Female Cats Left or Right Pawed? — 7 Comments

  1. In the midst of all sorts of grim news (deadly fire, raids on rescuers, etc.) along comes this tidbit of information which I find absolutely delightful and amusing. Suspect the sample isn’t large enough, but who cares? Needed this relief!

    • Marianna you are right that the sample size was fairly small. I try hard to avoid bad cat news but nearly all cat news is bad news. In fact most news of any kind is bad — sad.

  2. I was curious at a point and learned that male cats at least were left pawed. Looking back (at photos) I saw that. But one of my females also used her left paw which threw me off. (Male=black, female=ginger). So I suspected that the way you asked the question that it would turn out weird. Interesting!

    • The tendency is for females to be right pawed. I have not learned why this is though. I asked the question in the title because I checked Google search results and there were few responses to that particular question on cat left and right handedness.

      Good photos by the way. You have captured their behavior nicely.

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