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Are ham treats bad for cats? — 3 Comments

  1. One of the main problems, if not the main problem with most dry cat foods is the almost complete absence of high quality protein. Feeding them daily some ham or other meat would go a long way to alleviate that serious problem. The concern that ham products contain too much salt, and can therefore be harmful, is unfounded. The baloney about the importance of dietary salt reduction stems from flawed research which failed to control all factors in a recommended diet particularly fructose, sugar, and carbohydrates. The diet did reduce blood pressure a little but did not improve mortality or longevity. In fact there was a 36% increase in cardiac events in patients consuming a low salt diet. Be warned. Don’t let your doctor or dietitian kill you and please do not deprive your cats of much needed high quality protein because of flawed scientific research. By the way the humble sardine is a much superior food to beef, fish, tuna, pork, chicken, soy, etc. It has 5 times the protein content of beef ounce for ounce, and an impressive array of vitamins and mineral. It falls into the category of a super food. You needn’t bother with ham or pork if you don’t want to. http://raypeat.com/articles/articles/salt.shtml

  2. I never feed any sort of pork to my cats. Worse than the salt content is the fat content. We all know that a cat’s liver health isn’t compatible with the consumption of a lot of fat.
    Actually, I have been mostly led to my “no pork” conclusion when trying to think of any very good cat food that contains bacon, ham, etc. I couldn’t think of any.

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