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Carpet Chemicals and Cats — 7 Comments

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  3. I use old persian wool rugs everywhere in our space. The chemicals used to clean them are safe for cats (and humans). They’re relatively easy to keep clean. I am one of those who will not rent an apt with brand new carpeting, because of formalin, formaldehyde, etc. Wooden floors or at least 18-mo old carpeting that I personally shampoo with the chemicals I choose. That’s that. I’m also the type of person who monitors what my neighbors are doing to their lawns, so that I know if I cannot let my cats go outside with me, or without me. 🙂

    • Same with interior paint, of course. VOC-free or almost. Keep cats out of room and paint in warmer seasons so that windows can stay open. They say that hemp, sisal, etc carpets/rugs are best bet for “green,” but I prefer my worn wool rugs, for the most part. (Bought most of them off of eBay yrs ago when I had a good-paying job.)

      • You’re right Cal, I am guessing that the eco-friendly type rugs and carpets should be free of chemicals. The point I am making is that we need to check this out. We need to be more aware of these hazards. Some people will think I am being a bit crazy but when you research what goes into carpets there is a clear danger to health. The trouble is that it is at a level that removes the need for urgent action but cats are much nearer the chemicals.

  4. Our nephew’s dog Pedro got debilitating sores and illness from the chemical pesticides spayed on their apartment complex lawns. He got sores on his penis and anus as well. Poor dog! I image Scotch Guard and other chemicals of that type could hurt our kitties and other pets. What a tightrope we walk on with this type of thing. We need to balance our needs and our cats needs. There has to be pet safe carpets out there somewhere.

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