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  1. Several years ago I bought what I thought was a vertical fan, from a thrift store. It was about $10, and fit perfectly in the space I had. I noticed that it had a handle on top which pulled out to reveal a permanent filter. I looked up the brand to find out more. I discovered that I had unknowingly bought an “air purifier” that retailed for about $350!

    I don’t have any known allergies, and vacuum my bedroom once a week, where Mitzy, my long haired cat spends most of her time. There’s always a lot of fur in the canister.

    But I noticed that when I cleaned the filter in the air purifier, there was more of Mitzy’s fur. It’s so easy to clean the filter by pulling it out and wiping it down. And I love the dual effect of a fan and air purifier. She seems to enjoy it too!

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