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Are Kruger Lions Suffering from Pica? — 4 Comments

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  2. Learning to puncture tires is not really a definition of pica. Perhaps the lions are sick of the tourists. They’ll be in real trouble if one of the lions figures out they can break out a window and grab a snack. It’s unlikely a lion would recognize glass it would simply be pouncing prey.
    My thoughts on this is are tourists that are rolling down windows to get better pictures and tossing food to the lions.
    When humans make actual wildlife a theme park stuff is going to happen. Didn’t anyone watch Jurassic Park. There is an underlying theme in there that you cannot tame wild animals. By inserting humans even in vehicles you are changing the relationship between humans and animals. The lions are going to eventually react to the ongoing stimulus.

    • I agree it is not a definition of pica but perhaps they want to eat a bit of the tyre. That is not mentioned but it seems very possible. I think the tourists are stressing the lions. Once again it is a failure of humans to manage wildlife. We have to interfere. The only real solution is to leave them alone completely but that would not be commercially acceptable. Money as usual is at the root of the problem.

      • The parks are supported by money , the only traffic allowed should be tour buses and there should be strict regulation for the behavior of tourists and they should be limited. People in their own cars are going to act like jerks. It’s human nature. They act like prey in their cars the lions attacking the vehicles in some form should not be unexpected. Think of it like your cat watching fish in an aquarium or birds at the window. I would say the lions are acting out in stress not pica. The tire is the softest part of most cars.
        The most dangerous animal in the world will always be a wild predator that has been acclimated to humans.
        On the list of things I would not do. Drive my car through a park filled with wild meat eating predatory lions.

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