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Are Male Cats Better Than Females? — 2 Comments

  1. I am not sure if you are comparing apples to oranges. Neutering and spaying I believe sometimes changes behavior. My answer in general is that cats are a beautiful creation. They are beautiful because they exist. They do not do things because they are good or bad or with shady intentions like humans. Cats are pure beings who do things because they are following instincts. They
    may choose to love us or be near us or not. Humans should stop trying to categorize them in any way. Gaze upon your pet one day and just turn your human brain off. Enjoy your cat as a cat, a beautiful creature that can just exist in the world like humans and is not required to entertain us. No expectations from the cat, no value judgements on the cat.

    • Amen!!!! Out of my current (and probably last) clowder, I have 3 of each. Each cat has his or her own personality and I love them for it. I’ve never been one who says one gender is one way or another. Each one is different and God bless them for it!

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