Are Persian cats from Persia?

Foxy and Firey: 5-month-old Persian kittens

Foxy and Firey are 5 month old Persian kittens bred in the US. Photo: copyright Helmi Flick

Google’s top search result for the above search term is incorrect. The author on says that Persian cats come from Persia (modern day Iran).

The truth is twofold:

  1. We don’t know the ancient history of the Persian cat. Its name is possibly misleading and if Persian cats did ultimately come from Persia they were simply longhaired street cats or community cats much like the Turkish Angora in Turkey which is adjacent to Iran.
  2. The modern day Persian cat has no connection genetically with the original Persian cats because of extensive selective breeding by Cat Fanciers’ Association affiliated cat breeders in the US. They created the flat-faced monstrosity.

If you want the truth about where the Persian cat comes from it is a secluded detached home in mid-America where you’ll find a nice middle-aged lady who loves cats and who wants to make some pocket money by breeding Persian cats.

It ain’t Persia.

Persian Cat History

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