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Are Persian Cats Healthy? — 10 Comments

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  6. Thank you for addressing the deformity that has become standard for Persian cats. There are several outstanding breeders of doll faced persian cats. While it’s highly doubtful our Little Mercy is any type of purebred a few googles led me to doll faced persians because I typed in doll faced cat.

    • She has a beautiful, normal slightly rounded face with a shortened muzzle but entirely natural. Just like a doll face Persian. Gorgeous tortie coat.

      • I am completely besotted by her. She was a throw-a-way sent back to the shelter for biting, scratching and growling. Something she has never exhibited here. As always curiosity over her tiny body and baby doll looks got me to do a bit of research. Pugs and Persians…what a mess.

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