Are pregnant cats clingy?

The article is over 2 pages. Although the question is asking whether pregnant cats are clingy, it is really asking whether a domestic cat becomes more affectionate when pregnant. The answer to that question appears to be a yes, judging by the answers on the internet but it must depend on the cat. What if she is already very affectionate? You might not see a difference.

The experts say the same thing but I don’t see any reference to pregnant cats becoming affectionate in the textbooks that I have. Despite that admission or omission, my personal experience tells me that pregnant cats do become more affectionate.

Pregnant cats can be more affectionate
Pregnant cat. Photo in public domain.
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Personal experience

Many years ago, I was living in Notting Hill Gate, London behind the well known Gate cinema. A couple living on an adjacent street to mine deliberately kept their female, unspayed cat (queen) pregnant in order to improve her character. It was quite a cruel thing to do. This cat, who was indeed very affectionate, came round to my house regularly and she would love to eat semi-raw kidneys. She would rest on top of a warm microwave while I cooked the kidneys a little and then she ate them avariciously. She wanted to live with me. I wanted her to stay and when the owner came around to pick her up she growled at him. He was no good, a bad person.

The point being made is that my first-hand experience tells me that pregnant cats tend to be more affectionate but it is not a reason to keep a cat pregnant. And it may depend on the individual cat as mentioned. It was quite shocking when you think about it (to keep her pregnant) but ironically my then wife and I adopted two of her kittens and we spent many happy years with them.

They say that a pregnant cat is more affectionate because her hormones change and she becomes more maternal, which is expressed as affection. In addition, she’ll look to her human companion for comfort. Therefore cuddles and affection are important. Other than that a pregnant queen does not need a lot of special care.

Pregnant F2 Savannah cat
Pregnant F2 Savannah cat. Photo: Michael Broad. Location: A1 Savannahs. OK, USA.

Kept indoors

A pregnant cat’s activities should not necessarily be restricted but she should be kept indoors. The queen should be able to exercise moderately which would help prevent undesired weight gain and poor muscle tone. In late pregnancy her desire to climb should be curbed because her centre of gravity is affected by her pregnancy and it may affect her balance.

If she likes to roughhouse with the kids and jump to high places it would be sensible to prevent these activities. As for food, a normal premium quality food should be fine and it should be wet food. The diet will not need supplementing with treats and table food because she needs it to be a balanced commercial diet but it must be high quality food. Neither are mineral and vitamin supplements required. They may even be harmful according to my reference book…..continued on page 2

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