Are Pro Declaw People Afraid of Claws?

Claws  - are people afraid of them?
Poster by Ruth aka Kattaddorra
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This is a follow up to my previous article: Hatred or Fear of Cats, where Michael said in a comment:

‘I think there is a subliminal fear of claws which might go back to the beginnings of the human species – millions or at least hundreds of thousands of years. The big cats would have been a real danger to people then and claws are a cat weapon’

It made me wonder if he is right and having thought about it, I think he is, that those people who have their cats declawed are really afraid of claws!

To go even further, maybe the vets who declaw cats are afraid of claws too, they must find it easier to handle and treat a cat who can’t scratch, at an appointment. Although, I think most cats are too frightened to protest at a visit to the vets and handled gently wouldn’t scratch anyone on purpose.

But surely working with animals, it’s part of the job to expect some very nervous cats to struggle and maybe scratch the vet or vet nurse. There’s no big deal about getting a few scratches, certainly not worth disabling a cat for life by the major surgery of declawing.

Declawing kittens because they scratch when playing is very cruel, they haven’t had time to learn ‘claw manners’ and to take away the joys of kittenhood is unthinkable to people who truly love cats.

Are the people who are afraid of claws afraid of scissors and knives too? What about needles? Sharp objects are part of life, we respect them for their uses, we don’t go around removing the sharp bits.

Why don’t we? Because they are necessary to our daily life, just as cats claws are necessary to their daily life.

A message to pro declaw people: Don’t get a cat and adapt him for your own convenience or because you are afraid of those essential parts of his body, his claws, they are embedded in bone because they were never meant to be removed.

If you don’t like claws, you don’t like cats!

Ruth aka Kattaddorra

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