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Are purebred cats inbred? — 2 Comments

  1. I hate to see inbred cats with traits that are health risks and just plain ugly. Examples include
    – dwarf cats with short legs
    – persian cats with bulldog nose
    – distortions of the normal ear (folded, curled)
    – bald breeds
    – overly angular “Oriental” breeding that has nothing to do with how the cat looked in its country of origin.

    This needs to stop. At least outcross with a moggie every once in a while. Even the British royal family knows this (did you know there are some Indians and Africans in the royal line?). The Spanish royal family did not, and thus you get the subjects of some rather infamous Goya paintings.

    It’s bad in dogs and even worse in cats. It is potentially introducing harmful genotypes into the stray population.

    Sincerely, a biologist and felid lover.

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