Are Ragdoll Cats Calm?

The question in the title is asking whether all Ragdoll cats are calm or laid-back. The answer is straightforward. Not all Ragdoll cats are calm. I can say this despite the fact that one of the defining features of this popular purebred cat is their laid-back character.

It is rare for the character of a purebred cat to be bred into the cat. Most breeders focus on appearance. Breeders of Ragdolls sometimes insist that their cats are kept indoors because of their laid-back nature as they are unable to defend themselves. This is an exaggeration.

It is impossible to guarantee that all Ragdoll cats are calm. I think you will find that veterinarians who have treated Ragdolls would agree with this. One well-known veterinarian Dr Bruce Fogle writes in his book, Complete Cat Care, that:

“Most of the Ragdolls I see at the veterinary clinic genuinely live up to their name and are laid-back, relaxed individuals, but I’ve also known Ragdolls that are neighborhood thugs, keeping even the local feral cats out of their gardens.”

The doctor refers to a client of his who was born in Kuwait. She told him that she is proud of the fact that her two Ragdolls “efficiently attack a local feral cat (which she’s named Saddam) whenever he enters the garden!”

In conclusion, therefore, we can say that most (by which I mean a high percentage) of Ragdoll cats are calm but it would pay to check by going to the breeder and interacting with her cats for sale and with the breeder herself to increase the chances of adopting a genuinely laid-back Ragdoll.

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  1. PS. I understand that the original Ragdolls shown for their calm and relaxed behaviour were actually under the influence of drugs,

  2. One of the worst and bloodiest examples of cat on judge violence was witnessed by me in Istanbul and the cat was a Ragdoll. Close behind for violent behaviour at the same show was a an American Curl. I have shown second generation from feral cats who behaved in a very sweet affectionate way at shows. Pedigreed or long domestication does not seem to guarantee good behavior. I currently have 2 recently rescued Turkish Angora kittens from feral parents who are perfectly well behaved. What can you think of a feral kitten that climbs up your leg and perches on your head whilst purring happily? They also sometimes get out of their boudoir and wander among the other cats without any friction or nervousness.

  3. As a former vet assistant with a lot of dealings with all breeds, I’ve had a few Ragdolls try to tear me apart. Most of the Ragdolls have been so laid back and easy to handle. But one can’t take that for granted.


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