Are Ragdoll cats destructive?

Ragdoll Ophelia
Ragdoll Ophelia. Photo: Dani.
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You can’t ask if Ragdoll cats are destructive as it is unwise to generalise too much particularly as this character trait is unusual. The question presupposes that all the cats of a single cat breed have exactly the same character trait; in this instance destructiveness. That’s not right. You can ask if an individual cat, either purebred or random bred, is destructive.

And you can ask if an individual Ragdoll cat is destructive but not the whole breed. Although in the case of the Ragdoll they are bred to be laid back so there’ll tend to be an underlying similarity with this trait. However, Ragdolls are a little unusual in this regard as they are a cat breed in which the character plays a major role.

So the answer to the question is NO. And the same answer would apply to each and every Ragdoll cat provided the handling of each cat was decent and proper and there was no abuse when young or as an adult and provided the individual cat is healthy and not suffering chronic pain.

Laid back Ragdoll!
Laid back Ragdoll! Picture unattributed.

The reputation of Ragdoll cats is that they are laid back and the opposite of destructive. And the name supports it. This does not preclude the possibility that some individuals will be difficult for whatever reason. Not all Ragdoll cats are laid back and not all have inherited the same character or had their characters moulded through experiences in the same way.

It is a myth that cat breeders stamp out cats of one breed with identical characters. I guess you realised that already.

If an individual Ragdoll is destructive you’ll have to ask some pertinent questions as to why. There’ll be a good reason. You’d start with health issues and tick the boxes there and if that came up blank you’d check out the breeding program to make sure the cat was socialised properly and raised nicely during their first important 7 weeks. Then you’d check out the owners to make sure they are doing the right things too. A classic health reason why a cat might be destructive is aggressiveness because of being declawed. Declawed cats can sometimes suffer from chronic pain because the operations are botched.

The same arguments apply to any aspect of a cat’s character from friendliness to being a picky eater. It is unwise to generalise on specific personality traits. Although sometimes cats of a breed can tend to have similarities with respect to certain aspects of their character such as Siamese cats being vocal but even then there’ll be variations.

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