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Are Russian Blue cats indoor cats?

Russian Blue cats are no more suited to being full-time indoors than any other cats, pure or random bred. It cannot be said, therefore, that the Russian Blue is an indoor cat. If you have decided on getting a gray (grey) cat, the better choice for an indoor cat might be a gray (blue) British Shorthair or Longhair. In my estimation their character is perhaps slightly more suited to an indoor life.

Russian Blue cat. Photo copyright Helmi Flick (believed).

But this is not really the point. Any cat can be a full-time indoor cat. It is a question of (1) how rich and varied a life you, as a cat guardian, want to give your cat (2) how safe you want your cat to be and (3) how enriched you make the indoor environment from a cat’s perspective.

You can make the home very cat orientated if you wish although few cat guardians do it. But a nice catio (cat enclosure attached to the home) or cat enclosure in the backyard (garden) plus a ‘catified’ home will be both a safe and enjoyable for a domestic cat provided the owner is around a decent amount of time as well to entertain their cat. A Russian Blue would be fine in such an environment.

If you believe that some cat breeds are more suited by temperament to a full-time indoor life, there are other cat breeds that are better choices than the Russian Blue.

Years ago I selected the following cat breeds as best suited to apartment living (a confined indoor life):

  • American Shorthair
  • British Shorthair
  • Ragdoll
  • Persian

The selection was made on the basis of how the experts described the character of these cat breeds. In other words cat breeds in which individual cats are more calm, less active and less adventurous than cats of other breeds such as the Bengal which is known to be active and perhaps more demanding.

But this is not a science. This is about individual cats and some individuals are more suited to a quiet life no matter what breed to which they belong.

There is the sex of the cat to consider too. Female cats require a smaller ‘home range’ than males. This means they demand less space in a crude sense. It could be said therefore that female cats of the breeds listed above might be better suited to an indoor life compared to males.


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