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Are Some Cats Smarter Than Others? — 5 Comments

  1. I think this will again lead to judging animals by what humans think are desirable traits which opens the door for unscrupulous breeders if they can claim that a breed of cat they sell is the most intelligent. Why do cats have to be intelligent to us? Enjoy the cat as a cat, a beautiful creation without any human labels that we are lucky enough to have in our universe. This reminds me of parents sitting in the park trying to outdo each other about how smart their kids are and what boarding school they are going to. This is all about human issues of insecurity and pride and conceit. Thank God cats do not have those traits.

  2. I’ll give you one guess as why I named this fella Einstein… Yup, he falls asleep huffing foot stink. When he was younger he’d sit in the middle of the back yard looking around as the other cats played. Didn’t know what to do. He was like “Duh, which way did he go, George?”. Kinda like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJ6CEpsdLYU

  3. Using anecdotal observations as an old horse trainer animals vary in intelligence , tolerance and social ability.
    Most importantly intelligence itself does not make one cat smarter but rather their ability to use that intellect. It’s important to now confuse natural instinct with intellect. My observation is some animals have literally flipped the switch somewhere in their brains and ‘think’. I was lucky to spend the first year of Frog and Toad’s life at home where I guided their learning and expanded their ability to problem solve.

    • Hi Debra. It is a subspecies of wild cat: Felis silvestris rubida. East African wildcat. There will be various opinions about the classification of the African wildcat. Some might argue that this is a North African wildcat, the ancestor of the domestic cat.

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