Are there any domestic cat breeds with ears similar to those of wild cats like the lynx or caracal?

Yes, there is one outstanding example: the Maine Coon as their ears should have lynx tips. Here are extracts from two breed standard in respect of their ears:

“Moderately pointed ears appear taller due to lynx tips…(TICA)

EARS: Shape: large, well-tufted…” (CFA)

Lynx – Maine Coon – Caracal

There are other cat breeds created to have the appearance of specific wild cat species such as the Pixie bob trying to look like a bobcat but none of these have ears like the lynx or caracal, meaning tufts of hair sticking out of the top of the ear flap i.e. ‘lynx tips’ in cat breeder jargon.

This is the definitive answer.

Canada Lynx


Maine Coon Cats

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  • Caracats (caracal-cat hybrid) also has ear tufts, but so far only F2 caracats has been born AFAIK.

    There's also the Chinese mountain cat. It looks like a cat except for lynx-type ear tufts. It is much closer to the housecat than caracal is and thus would seem to be a much better choice for hybridisation (but surely the Chinese would want big $$$ as it's apparently a protected species).

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