Are there Siamese cats in Thailand?

If there are Siamese cats in Thailand you don’t see them in 2017. I have that from two Thai ladies who live both in Thailand and in the UK. I asked them whether you see Siamese cats on the streets of Thailand. They said that you don’t. Obviously there may be some Siamese cats inside the homes of Thai people as domestic cats and therefore you wouldn’t see them but you would expect to see some outside somewhere but you don’t.

In addition, the Siamese cat is meant to have evolved naturally in what was then Siam. At the time the cat was imported into the West it was a naturally occurring random bred cat not a purebred cat created by breeders in the West. Therefore at one stage it must have been seen on the streets in Siam. So have things changed or is this all a myth? This cat was described in the Cat Book Poems written in the ancient Siamese city of Ayutthaya between 1350 and 1750. But this does not mean that pointed cats (Siamese and related cats) come exclusively from Siam.

There Were No Burmese Cats in Burma

I wrote earlier, in fact many years ago, about the Burmese cat no longer being present in Burma, now Myanmar and then there’s the Singapura cat which is meant to come from Singapore but you don’t see them in the so-called country of their origin either (Sarah Hartwell can confirm that).

Are there any Siamese cats in Thailand? There should be street Siamese cats in Thailand as feral cats. There are street Egyptian Maus in Egypt. It is essential to the credibility of the Siamese cat breed that there are Siamese cats wandering around Siam! There are not and you start to wonder whether the whole thing is a fiction, a publicity stunt to sell the breed to the West.

I have written about the history of this cat breed at length (see below). The page was carefully researched but information about breeds comes from breeders and to be frank am not sure that it is all that reliable.

Siamese Cat History

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