Are these three cats a Chartreux and Egyptian Maus?

by Alianna013
(Lexa, Arkansas, United States)

Grey Brat 1

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Grey Brat 1

Grey Brat 1 Grey Brat 2 Grey Brat 3 Grey Brat 4

This is one of my cats his name is Grey Brat and I think that maybe he is a Chartreux cat. Also I have noticed that his tail has an odd and faint stripe at the end of it.

grey cat
Grey Brat

Do Either of these cats have Egyptian Mau in them?

The pics are my cats Fire who has now passed on and Brighteyes who is about 3 to 4 or so months old now.


tabby cat

Hi Alianna013... thanks for visiting and asking. I am afraid to say that all three of your cats are random bred cats.

They are all very nice looking cats.

I can make that assessment with some certainty because to me they look like random bred cats, although Grey Brat does look like a bit like a Chartreux. Brighteyes and Fire are fine examples of the tabby cat. Of course the Egyptian Mau is a tabby cat too but tabby cats are not a breed of cat as you no doubt know.

This post will explain more:

What Breed Is My Cat?

Please don't be upset by my rather direct response. Moggies are as good as any purebred cat. They are sometimes better. And they often need homes more urgently.


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Are these three cats a Chartreux and Egyptian Maus?

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Feb 09, 2011 GORGEOUS!
by: Anna

Gorgeous, gorgeous animals! All three of them. What a beauty!
Thank you so much for sharing:-)

5 thoughts on “Are these three cats a Chartreux and Egyptian Maus?”

  1. I think my 3 cats are also a mix of the chartreux and egyptian mau. They are siblings – two boys and a girl.

    tabby cat



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