Are You Feline Attractive?

We are enjoying Barbara’s two weeks break from work and being very lucky with the hot sunny weather we have been out and about quite a lot. We are sharing the days with our cats Walter and Jozef of course, they have been very kind and agreed to stay in for a few hours on the days we wanted to go out.

Walter mostly comes indoors anyway for part of the day and goes in his basket on the wardrobe, it must be cool up there. Jozef doesn’t really like staying in for very long at a time and when we return he always meets us at the door and dramatically throws himself on the front lawn as if he has been a prisoner for days.

Today it’s even hotter and we decided to stay home and catch up on household chores a bit and both boyz have gone off, they know the days we are hoping to go somewhere when they see our backpacks appear and we prepare our picnic. Clever cats!

But what this article is about is the fact that wherever Babz and I go, we almost always meet a cat! So I reckon we are ‘feline attractive’ and I wonder if other PoC people are too? Do you meet cats everywhere? Do you notice cats looking out of windows at you? Do you find they come to you?

Are you feline attractive? Cat approaches Ruth aka Kattaddorra
Are you feline attractive? Cat approaches Babz and Ruth aka Kattaddorra
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Even in towns we often see cats looking out of windows at us. We usually park away from the town centre in the towns we go to and have to walk past rows of houses to get to the shops and we always see cats, no matter which town we are in.

On a recent trip to Richmond Castle in North Yorkshire, there was a cat sitting on the wall by the gate looking down at us, there were houses nearby so he obviously came from there. We stopped to talk to him of course and reached up to stroke him. I wish I would remember to take photos of all the cats we meet, I get so engrossed in admiring them that I almost always forget.

One day we went by train to a place where it’s difficult to park and sure enough there was a cat on the Railway Station who kept us company for a while then disappeared into the bushes by the nearby houses.

Yesterday looking for Roman ruins we wanted to visit, we walked down a very long tree lined lane by mistake. When we reached the end of the lane we saw that there was no through road, just an isolated house, but obviously lived in and there was a car outside.

Round from the back of the house came a very handsome big ginger and white cat who marched across to us meowing his hello and he allowed us to stroke him. He looked quite old but very healthy. I just remembered to take a photo as we were walking away and he started following us. We told him to go back, waved him goodbye, blew him a kiss and off he went back home.

What a wonderful place for a cat to live, no main road, his home surrounded by trees and grass and I suppose normally only the people of the house and their invited visitors would ever be around there. Peace perfect peace and lots of hunting ground for cats, our boyz would love to live somewhere like that and so would we. It was as if we’d been drawn to going down that lane by mistake in order to meet that cat.

Even our local small supermarket which is by a pub, has a ginger cat who pops out of the shrubbery to say hello to us. I do believe cats can sense cat lovers and know who they can trust.

Babz and I are very happy and proud to be ‘feline attractive’

Ruth aka Kattaddorra

36 thoughts on “Are You Feline Attractive?”

  1. I LOVE that concept, Ruth, “Feline Attractive”
    Kitties are amazing animals- have so much to teach us- about so many things- such as compassion, patience and unconditional love.

    I too cannot imagine when encountering kitties that a cat lover could just pass them by without communicating with them. We have a feral colony in our area (sadly losing members at this time- since locals don’t understand them and have had some of them removed- UGH) and Marty (my husband) was feeding them when the colony tender was away. He really got to know most of them individually and loved helping them out.

    • What a shame your local people wouldn’t just let the ferals be! Good for Marty for feeding them and getting to know them, he must be a true cat lover 🙂

  2. Yes I definitely are. Quite often when walking down the Street there’s always a cat that comes out to meet me. Its Cause Cats know when your a Cat Person they can sense it. Your so Lucky having lovely weather, its supposed to snow in the nxt few days.

    • We sat all ready and waiting to go out today, Walter came in but Jozef didn’t, we waited so long we gave up and guess what, it started raining and then he turned up lol
      He obviously knew we’d have got soaked if we’d gone off in our Summer clothes AND what’s more, it hail stoned after that.
      A very clever cat is our Jo 😉

      • He is Very clever. At least you were made not to go out as you would of gotten really wet. Its pouring down with rain here today. So all the cats are inside with sad looks.

  3. Yes, I am. However, it probably works both ways. If a person is feline aware because they like cats they will see cats more often than other people rather than ignore them. This can be the beginning of a cat spotting you and then meeting up.

    • Yes feline aware and feline attractive describes PoCers, I can’t understand people who can pass a cat without a second glance. How they miss out on the best thing in life!


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